Sure, Why Not

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img_20160919_203004952Today’s featured image comes to you via my stairwell. Yes, those are my actual stairs. The house was built in the 60s, and the carpets really, REALLY reflect that. Well. We replaced the carpet in our bedroom (was lino before, ew), and the knackered out carpet in the study and bathroom, but the stairs/halls/other two bedrooms… we kept the scary 60s carpet. Our carpet guy said that it’s high quality, and indeed, it’s doing a good job surviving cat clawing and horking. That’s why I was sitting on the stairs — I was giving them probably the first proper scrub since we moved in. And I wasn’t kidding about the hork. Batman tends to wake me up in the mornings/evenings halfway down the stairs trying to get a hairball out, and they blend well into the carpet, and… anyways. It’s much cleaner and happier now, and now your stomachs are probably churning slightly. Sorry about that. xD

Still, it was sort of a nice cap-off to a very long day. Littlerbit has been sobby and clingy to a ridiculous degree. I managed to get my writing done by dint of shoving through it quickly, but otherwise, she was either asleep or glued to me (or both). She was so miserable that she even refused offered medicine. When she DID concede to take it, she brought it to me, and then proceeded to dance a jig on the couch afterwards. Kids, eh? Tiny drunken weirdos. Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow, because yanno, Tuesday means work-work. All I missed out on today was knitting that I had hoped to make some good progress on, but never mind.

There is so much shitty crap going on in the world right now, but I don’t have the spoons to care. I want to but like… *waves hands* I guess I’m saving up my energy for things that I can actually attempt to offer potentially mind-changing opinions on, rather than rabbiting on about Fear and Loathing in the West or whatever.

*wanders off to try and get knitting in before Littlerbit demands cuddles again*


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