Gone Pubbin’

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l9peniv6jzhz25xhIt’s alternate Wednesday, which means Stitch ‘n Bitch. I meant to write this while I was down at the pub, but my netbook decided it was going to spend the entire time trying to update itself instead of being useful. Sigh? Sigh. Still, it was a good night. I got some knitting done, there were cupcakes to eat, and we continued in our usual brand of brash, candid, and filthy. Really, I would never have thought before I took up knitting that I would find such a group to be full of filthy pervs, but man oh man… we all love it. *chuckles*

Anyways, outside of mentioning that I managed to slice deep into my knuckle on a cupboard door (because talented), I am at a loss for what to say other than ‘oh shit, I need to be in bed’. So I am going to go do that. Dord!


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