Who Hasn’t Heard of Facebook?!

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Howdy, any of y’all actually hanging around these parts. I fail at snark lately. I’ve taken to asking for prompt ideas, so if anyone has something they want me to snark and/or opinionate about, I’ll consider things (though I’m laughing that most of the things my dear friends are suggesting are things they obviously have many words they could say on their own).

So anyways, I’m sitting there, chatting with friends on Facebook while trying to think up fodder for this… when an advert comes on the telly. For Facebook. An advert. For Facebook. Who the hell hasn’t heard of Facebook by now?! Anyone watching British television on a Friday night, I would think, has most assuredly heard of Facebook. Whether or not they actually want to join is a whole different question. One of my besties doesn’t have an account, and she’s quite happy with that. So of my say, five best friends, four have Facebook accounts, and one don’t. I get that doesn’t match with the fact that ‘only’ a seventh of the world uses the site, but come on.

I was also bemused to note that the commercial had mainly young people. It’s been known for some time that younger people have been absconding in favour of, what… I don’t know what the kids like because I’m that older demographic that has made the kids want to feck off to greener pastures. But I’m not so old as to like, be comfortable with my parent’s generation being on there, calling themselves Grandmaster Flash. I take comfort in the fact that my in-laws are not likely to ever want to go on there… though I admit there’s an evil little part of me that wants to sic ’em on social media while I sit back giggling and eating popcorn.

But seriously, who didn't like getting free coasters?!

But seriously, who didn’t like getting free coasters?!

But really, commercial or not, Facebook will probably die the same semi-death that MySpace did before it, and Livejournal before that, and… well. Compuserve? AOL? I guess perhaps that’s why I’m seeing an advert here in a country where it’s not likely to make a lick of good — because they know their day is coming and they’re appropriately scared. More and more start-ups like Ello (goodbye!) are cropping up and people are asking — will this be the Facebook killer like Facebook was the MySpace killer? It might not happen today, but it will. Eventually. Having said that, it might not happen until the globe is half-owned by Amazon and half-owned by Google and we’re all enslaved to battle for dominance of one or the other. I hope Kindles make for good armor…


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