Really? Really?!

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I’m sitting here, doing my thing, when suddenly — BLAM, depression via body chemistry. I’m so not impressed. As I said to Z, and he knows — I’ve no reason to be depressed right now. I’ve had a nice day of gaming and fighting with my knitting (tl;dr not taking the shawl out to knitting again xD), the kids have… Read more »

A Rather Long Day in Very Few Words

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Hookay, so. Went into the office today. Got some of the things done we wanted to get done, but not all of the things. I kept saying that I’d work on things tomorrow not realising that it was a four day weekend. Yeah, we’ll worry about that stuff next week then. *cough* While at the office, and once I got… Read more »

Up Close and Personal

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I figured a nice picture of the growing green part of the shawl would be nice, so here you go. I was sort of awkwardly dangling it trying to get my phone to focus, ’cause yanno, that’s how I roll (or something). Work was very unproductive. I did some invoices, and hopefully tomorrow in the office will go well. Cross… Read more »

At Least One Thing is Going Right…

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Work today was a disaster — if I could find the missing numbers last week, this week seems to be reinforcing that. I kept my cool about it though, and the plan for now seems to be that I am going to go in on Thursday, sit down with D, and between us we are going to make them beg… Read more »

Two Like Glue

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Tonight’s picture comes to you compliments of the girls being silly after dinner. I’m not sure whose idea it was out of the two of them, but they kept the up and down going for a good few minutes. And then Littler topped it off by walking over to me and trying to climb me like one of those climbing… Read more »

2.5 Years

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After 2.5 years, the new curtains are finally up at both ends of the lounge. Z got them hung as part of a tidying project we’d assigned ourselves for this weekend, which was getting those up ,and getting rid of some of the toys under the desk that the girls hadn’t played with in years. We found some missing stuffed… Read more »

Natural Light

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Z needed to go to the garden centre to get some weedkiller, and as is his wont on a weekend, he’d planned to take the girls along so they had an outing. To our mutual satisfaction, I was feeling up to coming along and helping herd the kids, if only just. We also wanted to look at the garden sheds,… Read more »


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Smallhausen has a lot of fear-anxiety in her. It’s something that we as her parents understand, because it’s a problem we have as well. The only difference is that we have more years of experience with it, so we can sort of work with/around it. For her, it still pushes her into total shutdown panic, and it takes a lot… Read more »

Getting My Crimp On

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I’ve been making more stitch markers today; my crimper came in, so I wanted to get my hands around it. I think I’ve got the basic idea figured out, which is yay. Now if I could get my head around the wire wrapping for the head pins. I *can* manage, but I’ve not managed to get any speed or comfort… Read more »


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If there was one thing that the girls wanted to do today, it was to get out on the back garden and play with some bubbles.  I was dragging my heels on assisting them because I was trying to get work-work done, but  I eventually got them dressed… just in time for Z to show up with, surprise, bubble guns…. Read more »