Order from Chaos

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Our house is an un-Kondo’d mess of things. Some rooms are worse than others, such as the study. It was originally the kitchen before the previous owner had an extension put in, ’cause it was very obviously claustrophobically small to be a kitchen. Z has been rolling it around in his head, and he thinks that we might have a plan going forward to make the best use of this space. I look forward to seeing what we manage.

Tomorrow starts the new normal. The girls are back in school, and we are continuing to work from home. I have hopes that it means we will get some bits done around the house. I know I would like to do some stuff in the kitchen, and that I need to make sure that I know it’s okay with myself to do tiny bits at a time. We’ll see how it goes. For now, gotta start shooing children bedward.


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