Sole Work

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Sole… soul… har har. Naw like, today has been a day for trying to do some soul work. I think that I will be doing a harsh cull on my social media friends — because I need to.  There’s a bit of salt, and a bit of rancor, but more that I’ve been letting soul wounds fester for a long time, and I need to draw a line, cut and run, set up boundaries that I need to step up on. Everyone in that particular vector of my life has known the score for a looong time (decade++), so. We’ll see. I wrote something that a select group of people could see, and I feel hours later that it was a good and necessary first step. I think I know a few more steps, which is encouraging. ADHD means that I’m usually overwhelmed and unable to see steps in any process, so.

But eh. Breathe in, breathe out slowly. Gonna go digest the most excellent burger that Z cooked up for dinner, and try to make that sock sing a few more millimetres.


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