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And Chill

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It’s been a bit chilly all day — and I chuffing love it. I’m feeling it a bit harder right now ’cause I’ve had a hot bath, and my hair is still wet. But like, it’s giving me all the reasons to snuggle up in my bathrobe, so I am noooot complaining. It’s been a productive day so far, I… Read more »

Building, Rebuilding

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It’s been a busy day, and the shape of it has been as such that my brain keeps trying to think it’s the weekend. I woke up and had a quick bath, because we had a playdate scheduled and I wanted to be freshened up for it. Of course, the girls didn’t know that was coming until it did, ha… Read more »


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Here’s a better picture of what my photo setup looks like. I don’t have any of the lights on for demonstration, but you get the idea. I think that the photos are coming along fairly nicely, but of course, I’m also paranoid and overthinking it as well. Still, I’m glad I’m doing it, and it has me revisiting and remaking… Read more »

Cracked It

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I think, I *think*, I’ve cracked getting stitch markers photographed satisfactorily. Based on my decision to switch to using a cloth backing, I had to redo the ones I’d done most recently, which gave me a basis of comparison on whether my choice was a good one. Based on the fact that it took less cleanup and the main problem… Read more »


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I had knitted a ‘normal’-sized square to use in photos of stitch markers, and realised that my larger ones looked a bit ridiculous in that setting. I don’t know where it came from, but I found a chunky cream-coloured remnant in the back of a drawer and got to work with that. So I’ll probably be retaking some ‘lookit on… Read more »


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I saw someone selling needle savers in one of my few Facebook groups, and it told me that heey, that’s a thing I need. The person in question didn’t ship to the UK, so I found someone selling here instead. Free shipping, giving money to charity, less sales than me and vastly better branding… she will hopefully go far with… Read more »

Vite Vite

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This is the ‘oh crap, company soon’ post, complete with dubious photo, la! The weather has continued in the gross vein we were promised, though it’s a bit nicer inside because Z made the effort to poke at the downstairs a/c to get more cooling out of it. He’s gone ahead and jiggled some funding around to get a replacement… Read more »

Whatever Works

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Our determination to install the new curtain rail yesterday met with disappointment. In spite of using the right drill bit, Z couldn’t get through something hard in the wall. So basically, we annoyed some aged plaster and have no idea what the bones behind it are. Z got in contact with our builder, who confirmed that he was 99% sure… Read more »

Party of Three

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Well okay, there’s only two in this photo, but that’s fine. The big one was curled up around her computer playing, while the little one comes for cuddles often. They both got any number of hugs, and they both got their nails painted as desired. I had to take them outside to do it ’cause it’s murderously hot and the… Read more »

Behold the Void

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Batman is the beddiest cat that I’ve ever had, and I love it.  He tucks me in at night, and generally does his best to pin me into bed every morning. This is the morning ‘lulz, you can’t get out of bed’ pose, wherein he’s between me and the edge of the bed. He WILL shift with a little nudge,… Read more »