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All is Full of Love

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I found an easy pattern for crochet hearts yesterday, so I’ve been cranking them out. I’m going to put a bit of ribbon on each so they can hang, and send them out with orders as a free gift. I was starting to feel like the only Etsy shop that didn’t put in some sort of bonus pressie, so we’ll… Read more »

A Fibbing Flower

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I had a post office run to make earlier when I spotted my first daffodil. Of course, I probably would have spotted some sooner if I actually ever left the house, but let’s put that to the side. I was amused because it was coming up the correct time of year, but it’s been a mild winter. I want to… Read more »

A Flower

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Littler came home and gave me this flower she made. Cute, innit? I love how creative she is. Her teachers says that she’s forever drawing and painting, and her clothing often attests to that. She was apparently helping garden today, which I should probably pass on to her grandmother. The big one came home with a permission slip for a… Read more »


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While the sun was up, it was uncharacteristically warm for this time of year. Now that it’s down, it’s gone quite a bit chilly by comparison. It’s still technically on the warm side for this time of year, but just feels that bit cooler. It’s nice, really. I like having an excuse to curl up with a blanket. In this… Read more »

Heel Appeal

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I continue in my efforts to learn how to darn. With this pair, one had a little hole in the heel, while the other was wearing very thin. Most of the darning guides I’ve seen online suggest trying to get them patched up before they can actually break and fray, so this makes for good sciencing on multiple counts. Plus,… Read more »

How to Chill

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For whatever reason, Littler loves to contort herself into weird positions. This was another fine example that she was perfectly comfortable in. I guess I can admire that she is flexible? We have delightful company this afternoon, in the form of Jeze and her husband. It’s been a nice time of the usual chatting and gaming, to include the nigh-on… Read more »

Salad is Hilarious

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Z and I went out for a belated birthday lunch today, which was fantastic as usual. As I was tucking into the bit of salad that come with it, I was suddenly minded of the meme, and had to get a few pictures of me being similarly amused by said salad. Just yanno, ignore the person in the background, ha… Read more »

Muggin’ with My Boo

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This was part of a series of photos that was supposed to just be one of her sleeping extra curled up. But she woke up when I stood up, so we ended up getting a few shots of us rubbing heads together. It’s wild to think that she used to be scared of getting touched; she literally screams for it… Read more »


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I figure I’d not posted a picture of the scrap blanket in awhile, so here ya go. It’s about 16 inches ‘long’ now; it’s still much wider than it is longer. I’m slowly adding wool from toy kits, which means it’s going through a bit of a brown patch due to a profusion of bears and reindeer. ¬¬ But never… Read more »

Drums in the Deep

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It was louder today, to my bemusement. I think that he was working upstairs, because the echoing was hard through the walls. It’s not like it was constant though, and while I could’ve bailed, I think that would have been bad for Batman. He’s been really clingy in response to the noise levels, so bailing on him would probably be… Read more »