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This picture comes compliments of one of the children piling catnip toys on Vivi while he was napping. Obviously, he didn’t mind. Just sort of spacing out right now. I’m exhausted after doing an event this afternoon. It went well — I made back my table, and a whole pound and change. *chuckles* I had a friend sit with me… Read more »


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I’m here, I’m alive, I promise. My brain has just sort of been spaced out all week is all. Well, and been making pendants. So many pendants. But like, you figure out how to do something new and enjoyable, and it’s like. Go wild, ha ha. But yeah, looking forward to exhibiting this weekend. I need to start getting my… Read more »


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As usual, my table spawned multiple cats. There were three up there at one point, but I thought this picture of Halokitty and Vivi was the cutest of the lot. I’ve been feeling better today than yesterday, which is win. I’ve spent my time going through the stamps again, this time to pull stamps out for art purposes. My larger… Read more »


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The boys have been spending a lot of time at my back window today. They’ve been petted accordingly and often. Vivi even chatted at me a little bit; he’s the least talkative of the cats. So yeah, it’s sweet when he actually voices. Raven could do to learn to be a bit like his brother, ha ha. Been a bit… Read more »

So Above, So Below

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I surprised myself this afternoon by finishing my organisation and counting of the remaining Definitive postage in a timely fashion. Like, early enough that I was able to walk it down to the Post Office, thereby getting it out of my hair. Y’all, I’m pretty much done-done with stamps. I’ve still got a huge box of picture stamps, but it’s… Read more »


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That first lot of postage we sent in for exchange came back. Halokitty decided he was a stamp and curled up on the box. So yeah, I’ve dived into organising the next wave of stamps. It feels lighter work, but then, I started on the easy end and am working down into the dross. Which is how it’s supposed to… Read more »

Dressed to Kill

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October had her 3D kitten printer removed today. We were told that the outfit we sent didn’t fit… but they obviously didn’t even try it on. The velcro was too tidily fastened to have been opened. So this outfit was a median attempt between what we were told, and the cone she was clearly distressed by. But yeah, once we… Read more »


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My desk has been reclaimed, for now, in the name of not-stamps. It’s been nice to be able to work on my knitting, and to ogle my new dice thoughtfully.  I know that I really want to do at least a few pairs of earrings, so there’s going to be a lot of looking at and thinking. Do I want… Read more »