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Unlikely Couchfellows

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Now, Poison is one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats you could ever meet. She’ll scream her head off to celebrate and demand pets, but as said — gentle. She has never clawed any of us, except by accident. Batman, on the other hand, is a clingy bitch. And she decided some long years back that she had zero chill… Read more »

Re-engineered Rainbows

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One of the things that comes up with making stitch markers is Math™®. For instance, if I want markers for a specific sized needle, I have to think about the inner diameter of the ring, which can lead to some fussy e-shopping to find the right sort of thing. I’d let one listing lapse because my attempt to replenish it… Read more »

In the Shade

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Don’t go hiding Hiding, in the shade — Shade by Silverchair I only put the above in ’cause it popped into my head, and it’s a corking good song from Ye Olden Days of the mid-90s. And because it was shady along the wall of the Post Office where I decided to stop and take a picture of my cute… Read more »

Shady by Nature

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I spotted these little lovelies on a trip down to the postbox earlier. They looked purpler with my sunglasses on, but alas, the sunglasses lied. Oh well. *chuckles* They were still there waiting for me to discover them, once again showing me that there are flowers waiting everywhere for me. I also found some more sweet loot on the way… Read more »

Sock Start

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Yuss, I’ve finally cast on a sock. *jazz hands* We were in the back garden picnicking with the neighbours earlier (them in their garden), and I figured that was going to be the easiest thing for me to bring along to fiddle with. Of course, once we were both in situ, there was a lot of talking and a lot… Read more »


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I have found myself the last day or so in the mood to make stitch markers. There’s lots of rainbow and bright colours, which is always a bit of extra fun. I had to stop this evening for the combined reasons that my hands forgot how to wrap headpins all of a sudden (ruuuuude), and dinner had been delivered. We’d… Read more »


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Anodyne, besides being a game I am direly overdue to play, was the soothing capacity of taking a little walk to the postbox. It was simply gorgeous out, and a decent number of people were taking advantage of it (while still trying to observe social distancing, something that everyone seems to be trying hard to do). It’s been an alright… Read more »


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Z gets the credit for this photo of Poison sleeping on not one, but two stuffed llamas. I was gonna go outside and take one, ’cause I have an Etsy order to take to the postbox… but it’s the Bank Holiday tomorrow, so it’s not like they’re going to be picking it up first thing tomorrow morning. Probably. It’s packed… Read more »

The Living Daylights

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I’ve had several names of James Bond themes in my heads, and I figured this worked better than ‘A View to a Kill‘. Whatever the case, it is lovely out today, not that I’ve gone outside. I’m having one of those days where I’m bone weary, wherein my bones feel so heavy and achy that moving feels beyond me. Such… Read more »

Still a Surprise

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Today’s photo is from yesterday’s jaunt to the store; I genuinely am pleased that the same stretch of road can find me new flowers to admire every time. Everyone’s roses are starting to come up too, which I will have to photograph next time I’m out and about. Today… today would’ve been an awesome day to be out and about…. Read more »