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Poor BB

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This picture is from a couple of days ago; Raven looked so cute and forlorn in the box that of course, gotta take pictures. Been a good weekend day. Just playing games and working on my sock. A bit of Palword earlier, and currently a bit of Sid Meier’s Civilization III to pair with my Pokémon-ning. Civ + Poké is a good pairing… Read more »


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Vivi is, slowly, developing some lapcat tendencies. He’s also becoming a bit shoutier; if he does that while circling my chair, he gets scooped up. usually he just wants a minute or two of cuddles before scarpering, but sometimes he’ll hang out for 20 or 30 minutes. I wonder if he’ll get to a point where he’ll try to hop… Read more »

So It Goes

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Ugh, so. I’ve been very much head down this week. I found out that my BFFFFF bat died suddenly. At least they were safe at home. Obvs, lots of various and big feelings, but mainly just under the weight of grief, waiting for it to burst and rain down on me. And in the interim, I have many other friends… Read more »


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I’ve got an itch to buy some more wires for some reason. Having said that, we can rephrase that as, ‘I’m a crafter, so of course I need more craft supplies no matter what’. So I’ve got a list, I’ve got a website up, and I’mma thinking about what I do or don’t actually need, versus what I want or… Read more »


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Today’s picture is just a little something I had been working on. I’d bought these cabochons to make needle minders with, but they are toooo thick. But super pretty, so hopefully they will appeal as necklaces. Feeling cheerful this evening. Just sort of bopping around in the land of games, looking forward to tomorrow. Birthday means extra fancy eating, and… Read more »


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Vivi knows how to get away with murder; he will actually give me lap time. He’s lucky he’s such a handsome goober. Been a slightly busy day. Had a dental check-up this morning; apparently I’ve got a bit of gum disease now, very rude. So gonna up my dental care game and see if I can turn it around. It’ll… Read more »

Sweet Lumps

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We don’t normally get to see both Vivi and Raven lumping around on the platform, so I had to get a picture. They might not twin as hard as October and Halokitty, but they do make a lovely matched set. Not a lot going on in the last couple. Just been poking at various video games, working on yet another… Read more »