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I’ve Got a Brand New Bag…

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Of wool. Because it was £5 a pop for a couple of 400 gram balls of aran wool, and I made grabbyhands at getting it for half-price. These were the four balls available — two black, and two lilac, and I am going to use them to make blanket. Or blankets. I’m not really sure how much ridiculousness I can… Read more »


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I don’t really have anything to say today, so have a picture of one of our cats, Poison. She tends to live on the back of one couch or another, surveying all that she rules. Yes, I feel she is the true ruler of the house, ha ha. And that’s fine — I love our little old lady. She’s very… Read more »

Love Is (Edible)

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Last night, Z sent me a link to something he was thinking of buying. I said yes, and that’s why we have a freaking display rack of 200 Chupa Chups in the house. I mean, come on, what could be cooler? And he did the math and it comes in at about 12 pence a lolly, so it’s good value… Read more »

Math and Fashion

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Littler came stomping down in mismatched wellies, and I was charmed enough to ask her to take a picture. She agreed… and then grabbed her sister’s math book and started trying to hide behind it. After a couple of attempts I managed to get this particularly triumphant shot for the win. And yes, math book. Z and I saw some… Read more »

Block Party

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Like many knitters, I am a reluctant blocker. I knitted a lot of tops last year and while I’ve worn some of them successfully, several of them definitely needed the blocking treatment. For instance, this green top? In spite of making it to measure, it somehow rucked up to a super short 16 inches. There was no freaking way that… Read more »

Pew Pew

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Today started as one of those days where everything was getting on my tits. The girls, bless ’em, were already bouncing off the walls and going full tilt, while I could barely keep my train of thought on the rails. I ended up getting a bit snappish because please dears, let your mother have some caffeine. But nobody died, I… Read more »

Joining the In Crowd

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Smallhausen inherited my love of having painted nails. She loves it so much that she actually sits still and patiently waits for the nails to dry, and has since the first time I did her nails. In fact, I don’t think she was much older than Littlerbit here. So I wasn’t completely surprised when Littler tromped down the stairs, saw… Read more »

Week Two

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I realised this morning that it’s the second week of summer break. With everyone home last week, I’d sort of forgotten we were on summer break somehow. Not that it mattered much — Z went to work, and the girls and I hung out here doing our own things. It mainly went well, and I even got the girls to… Read more »

Moon Power

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For my sins, I have never given any iteration of Sailor Moon a fair shake. I saw the first episode when I was a kid and didn’t know it was the first episode, so I was super put off by Usagi sitting down and crying until someone helped her. I should probably go back and watch it because it’s probably… Read more »

Floor Below, Fan Above

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One of the big things we had to do before moving into this house was get the entire house rewired. It hadn’t been updated since the house had been constructed in the 1960s, and well. We’re a tech-heavy family, and need more than a plug a floor. It also meant that we were able to pick some new light fixtures,… Read more »