Goober Towers

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I’ve gotta say, this lot of goobers are spoiled rotten. Z decided last week that they needed another tower, since they didn’t have one by the front window. Now they do! They are quite happy to have more spaces to perch from down here, and indeed, they’ve all been downstairs a smidge more because of it. Not a lot going… Read more »


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Still alive, vaguely. It’s been a bit of a week. First off, the main meds I take for Meniere’s Disease ran out. My supplier hadn’t been able to source them, which… I would have otherwise had a month buffer. A month buffer would have been good. So what did I get instead? A massive attack Sunday night. Which meant spending… Read more »


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I have been meaning to reorganise my big bookshelf for… a really, really long time. It took awhile, but at least now I’ve got a bit of spare space to work with, and made sure to leave less books near the cat tree, ha ha. Their frolicking was quite prone to knocking books to the floor, so. Been keeping busy… Read more »


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So uh, fibro flare. I decided today to take some pain meds to see if it made it a bit better. Hahahah, it made the sparks brighter. Ow. Oh well. Having said that, maybe the edge dulled a bit when I took a co-codamol, so that might be tomorrow’s science if it’s still being ouchy. Science! Other science for the… Read more »

As If

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While I love it when the cats come and hang out down here, three of them staring at me is a bit suss. ‘Mother! How dare you let us starve!’ Or yanno, they’re just being cats, ha ha. I’ve not been posting a lot lately ’cause I’ve realised… I’ve been Extra Exhausted. And that’s come with a side of… well, I’m… Read more »


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Z and I decided to take a wander through B&M yesterday. We spotted this Squishmallow on its lonesome, and immediately realised we needed to take it home to honour our dear bat. So we did, next to ‘me’ in purple unicorn form, and past that is a gnome Z won that gets to represent him. The house feels a bit… Read more »

Poor BB

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This picture is from a couple of days ago; Raven looked so cute and forlorn in the box that of course, gotta take pictures. Been a good weekend day. Just playing games and working on my sock. A bit of Palword earlier, and currently a bit of Sid Meier’s Civilization III to pair with my Pokémon-ning. Civ + Poké is a good pairing… Read more »


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Vivi is, slowly, developing some lapcat tendencies. He’s also becoming a bit shoutier; if he does that while circling my chair, he gets scooped up. usually he just wants a minute or two of cuddles before scarpering, but sometimes he’ll hang out for 20 or 30 minutes. I wonder if he’ll get to a point where he’ll try to hop… Read more »

So It Goes

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Ugh, so. I’ve been very much head down this week. I found out that my BFFFFF bat died suddenly. At least they were safe at home. Obvs, lots of various and big feelings, but mainly just under the weight of grief, waiting for it to burst and rain down on me. And in the interim, I have many other friends… Read more »


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I’ve got an itch to buy some more wires for some reason. Having said that, we can rephrase that as, ‘I’m a crafter, so of course I need more craft supplies no matter what’. So I’ve got a list, I’ve got a website up, and I’mma thinking about what I do or don’t actually need, versus what I want or… Read more »