Welcome Home

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And lo, my new laptop is home and in situ — welcome home, Apsalar. If you know the character, then you rock. If you don’t… there’s a doorstopper of a series just waiting for you, ha ha. But yes, she’s lovely and sleek and I’m slowly getting things installed. I’ve got the main things, being my documents, and my synced… Read more »

Game On

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Both of the girls’ chairs arrived today, and early enough that we were able to get them both built before they got home from school. Well. I was finishing off Small’s chair while Z was on the school run, but it was done and waiting and in the right place when she walked through the door. Z made her wait… Read more »

Snark Hunting

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So, it appears that I finally have my first lost Etsy order. I asked the nice lady if she wanted a replacement or refund, and she’s gone for the former. Sure! Ace! Will get that out the door today! So, of course… my cordage for that particular bracelet is missing. I immediately ordered more, which is supposed to get here… Read more »

No Rain

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Alas, no rain to go with the glorious temperatures here at the end of the summer. The water on our windowsill comes from next door. S laid down turf this morning with her mother, baby C supervising from her high chair. Z popped over to his parent’s house to borrow a sprinkler for them to use, since we knew from… Read more »

*rubs hands*

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I am currently working on the heel flap of sock #2, which makes me feel like I’m past the halfway point. I’m not yet, not really, but it certainly makes me feel like I want to keep my head down and to the grindstone. Add in the fact I found myself the perfect knitting game for the moment… Knitting game,… Read more »


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Z has been working really hard today, and the study has moved a few big steps towards its new form. We got the hallway door off and moved to the garage. We broke down the bigger old desk, and moved its parts to the garage as well. He sorted through bits, I did a bit of shredding and gluing. He’d… Read more »

The Shining

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I’ve been around to my in-laws’ house twice in the past two days. Z was running an errand with his father, and I was keeping Mum company. FiL is slowing down and she worries by default, so it was extra extra worry. I made sure Z tought it would be useful for me to be there, ’cause I know what… Read more »

Huh, Okay Then

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I spotted this sticky on the floor. It is in my handwriting. I do nooot remember the context whatsoever, or how long ago I wrote the note. Batman was sitting next to it and that would’ve made a great blog photo… but he’s a dick and wandered up the second I picked up my phone. Oh well. *chuckles* This week… Read more »


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It’s a day! Hooray! Another day gone, hooray! Or something. We managed to avoid the a/c again, not out of any sense of suffering and scrpining, just… was alright as long as we stayed indoors. I guess that’s to be expected now that we’re in fake autumn (‘real’ autumn in a few days, woot xD). Work happened, and otherwise… *yawn*… Read more »

A Bouquet

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Smaller gifted me with a triple handful of leaves she’d picked up. What else could I do but wrap the stems in a bit of string, and put them in a ‘vase’ to admire? They’re still very alive leaves, though starting to change colour a wee bit… might as well admire them for a few days before moving them on… Read more »