No Problems

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The integration continues in a lovely fashion. The closest thing to a problem is that Raven is suddenly finding that he needs some alone time. Which he’s getting; either he’s hiding in my sock drawer (which is actually verboten, but I’m permitting for the mo), or just the entire upstairs bed by himself. The other three are currently downstairs. October… Read more »


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So. Four cats sleeping in my bedroom. Awesome! Less awesome is Raven’s repeat insistence on napping in my sock drawer. I mean, yes, it’s cute and probably smells like me, but him and his brother are yarn/sock thieves, so this insistence of his annoys me. I chucked him out of the drawer once and pushed it as far closed as… Read more »

Too Sweet

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The babies are settling in well. Raven still isn’t interacting with them much, while Vivi seems to think he’s a harried babysitter. Which… more or less what we guessed would be the case initially. The little ones themselves are happy to demand pets, and to wander around, but they’re not too keen on being picked up yet. That’s fine —… Read more »


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Our new babies are home! We’ve had some amusing encounters, but nothing hostile. Raven had spotted Halo (the boy) and gone for a nice sniff greet. October wandered over, curious, which sent Raven jumping backwards with a ‘There’s two of you?!’ vibe. Vivi has been mildly hissy, but mainly just sort of keeping an eye on them. Last check, they… Read more »

Well, I Never

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Today’s picture comes from Z’s camera roll. I mean, how can I not use this? So cute, so… outraged? Gooberesque? Pure cat. Speaking of cats, turns out we’re going to be picking up the kittens after all. Which, fine, just have to make sure to not do anything in the moving vehicle whatsoever. -__- I used to be able to… Read more »

Shifting Shizz

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I’ve been doing some further tidying and reorganisation in my general habitation. I’m mainly happy with it, though there’s still a few bits I need to find new homes for. And then we still have the other half of the lounge to poke at. The whole tidying of the downstairs *is* coming along. Past that, usual weekend stuff. Gaming, a… Read more »

Just a Design Choice

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First sock is complete! The mistake… err… design choice is that I accidentally pulled out the needles during the toe bind-off, and ended up with a random-ass loop I couldn’t shift. So I tucked it inside the sock, pinned it down across the toe, and bob’s your uncle (unless he isn’t. obviously). All my little bits in the right size… Read more »


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Today has been hella chilly. Even sitting directly under the heat, I ended up whacking on a hat and extra socks. Hopefully tomorrow feels less chilly, and if it doesn’t… well, I’ve still got my hat. That aside, feeling a bit rough. Probably not hydrated well enough. Hard to do it properly when cold. Will have to try to do… Read more »


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I’m bemused that my laptop keyboard is taking somewhat hilarious wear. I guess ‘A’ is the main victim, with a touch of ‘E’? I can understand the WASD having a bit of wear ’cause games, but still. Having said that, I like the fact that you get the red glow through the hole, so. I amuse easily, what can I… Read more »


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Z and I went down to the pub on the river for a belated birthday lunch. Lovely meal, and lovely exposure to cold. We were sitting in the car for a few minutes waiting for it to defrost, and I couldn’t resist photographing this loveliness to share. But yes, good day! Nice lunch. My Switch Lite finally showed up; I… Read more »