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Yup, I’m currently playing two instances of¬†Diablo 3. I’m still nudging one of Z’s toons along with one of mine. I’ve almost completed Chapter One of the Season journey for him, so yay, etc. Of course, that means still getting other chapters done, and getting him up to level 70… blech. *laughs* It’s been awhile since I’ve poked around with… Read more »

Free Tub

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Anyone? Anyone? *laughs* It’s apparently been there in the skip since before we went on holiday, but I only noticed it a day or two ago. I guess that the new family moving in got the bathroom redone. Who knows. I’ve said a tentative hi in passing, but not made concrete contact. Soon? Maybe. *laughs* This street is pretty good… Read more »

Temporary Measures

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The bad news: The fridge is definitely not working. The good news: We’ve scheduled a repair on the pretty darn cheap with the company’s official engineer. The bad news: They can’t get to us until Tuesday. The good news: We have the (what I consider a) mini-fridge the previous owner left. It’s not great, but it keeps things reasonably cold…. Read more »

Please Work :/

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There was a warning light on the fridge this morning, which both girls felt the need to tell me about at the worst possible times (which is to say, wrestling with bank account login dramaz). It turns out that the freezer has gone at the least, and the fridge seems to not be great either. We think that perhaps the… Read more »


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Today was my appointment with the adult menstrual disorders clinic — at one of the local private hospitals. Based on my understanding of how private rolls, I was pretty darn confident that something good would happen. And it did! While the consultant doesn’t think I have endometriosis, he was quite happy to schedule me for endometrial ablation.¬† Once the NHS… Read more »


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I started my day by getting bathing out of the way. Bathing is very spoon-intensive and annoying to have to do, but man… clean hair is one of the best feelings in the world, especially if I’ve not been up to doing it for however long. Of course, I had the spur of seeing the doctor tomorrow. I always try… Read more »

Home Turf

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It’s Texas hot here right now, and supposed to stay this way for the next couple of days. Z’s parents invited us around for lunch, which was lovely in spite of me sweating heavily the entire time. *chuckles* Having said that, it’s always gonna be nicer outside (unless you have a/c, which we do and is running, hallelujah), so I… Read more »

Signs of Home

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After a fairly short trip home… well, we’re home. *laughs* I actually ended up napping off and on for the two hours, because I couldn’t keep my eyes propped up. I sort of fully came back to when I realised that we were like, ten minutes out. Which enabled me to get a photo of the last motorway roundabout before… Read more »

Ready to Go

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Tonight, she is the last night on holiday. It’s been fun, but I’m super ultra ready to be at home. A part of that is the whole vacation is fun, but home is home, and another part of it is the fact that I was feeling very worried we had a curse situation going. Our neighbour passed away while we… Read more »

Poor Impulse Control

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And also, hilariously poor, probably unlicensed reproduction of a Banksy painting. At least, I’m pretty sure that it’s Banksy? Whatever the case, this shop is wedged in the middle of arcades and bars and tourist traps, so I am willing to bet that they don’t turn away drunkards deciding that they need ink. Z commented he saw at least one… Read more »