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I ended up having two orders last night, which kind of broke my brain. The second came in while I was still processing the first, and I had to slap my hands to make myself finish one before t’other. The other was a repeat, so I had to rub some inspiration together for the ‘free gift’ portion of packing. This… Read more »

A Literal Gasp

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I had an Etsy order come in in the past hour, and I literally gasped. Like, a reason to leave the house! I’m not feeling particularly stir-crazy, but it’s BST (British Summer Time, like DST in the States), and it’s still light out, and I am liking the idea of a quick stroll to the Post Office. I’ll have to… Read more »


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I have a stupid crunchy headache today. There’s no cough or fever or anything like that, so l chucked some ibuprofen at it. I think I’m going to have to chase it with co-codamol, because it refuses to shift. Past that, just idly half-assed doing things, and waiting to see if someone who contacted me on a site I’m selling… Read more »

Another Happy Accident

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I cracked myself up again by realising that my nail polish sort of matches my knitting. It probably won’t for long since I’m almost done with this sock, but we’ll see. I’m exhausted today, but for the nice reason of chatting to people. We video messaged with both Z’s parents, and with my younger sister and her family. I still… Read more »

Blooper Reel

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I finally got off my backside and did some product photography… this one… doesn’t work. At least of the ones that need framing, that’s one of the easier ones. I just was lazy about taking a second to check that it was focused in on the right bit. This… has not been a productive day, ha ha. But that’s fine,… Read more »

Rebel Rebel

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Lookit me, outside, and not at my house! *jazz hands* Though to be fair, I had a legit reason to leave the house; I’d had an Etsy order in overnight. I printed my postage for it at home rather than going into the Post Office, and made sure to keep my distance from all people. I was glad for it,… Read more »


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I keep making stitch markers — send hjalp. *laughs* I was gonna photograph the ones I’d made already, but I decided against it since the sun had left my side of the house. I don’t *need* it, but in my head, having a bit of natural light to backlight potentially makes for better photos. I hope. I love my fancy… Read more »

School Daze

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I know it’s early days yet… yanno, only being the second day of isolation, but so far, so good? Smalls was helping out Z by reading with Smaller, which was super cute. And like, she is 500% more patient than I’d be… I’m… not very patient when it comes to teaching. I’ll help out where I can in making sure… Read more »

Distracting AF

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Where I have meant to be knitting, I’ve been making stitch markers. These rings are kind of on the soft side, so I have to manipulate them completely by hand. I might’ve said that already, I don’t know. *chuckles* But also, I’m enjoying seeing what colour combinations I can make happen based on what beads get along with what rings…. Read more »

Supremely Tiny

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I had some jump rings come in this past week that had been held up in customs for a month. Which means that I am making lots of tiny little stitch markers, and having to do each completely by hand because they’re too soft for pliers not score. Most of them, but not all of them, are coming generously enough… Read more »