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I keep surprising myself by pulling out opinionated posts on FB this week. Like, self, do we really have the spoons for this? But with the one I just posted, I hit the question of questions — why do people persist in doing things that hurt my friends and family? In this case, consuming anything¬†Harry Potter, due to Rowling’s insistence doing so means a person supports her hurtful TERF views. We here in the UK call our land TERF Island — because we’re small enough a population that her and her cadre can have a huge impact on national dialog, and does with zero concern for the harm it causes.

I just want my kids, my beautiful queer kids, to grow up safe. I want their friends to be safe. Even with a very open and known non-binary identity, our eldest still finds themselves bustled into groupings by perceived gender, which they aren’t impressed by.

But eh, put that aside for now. I don’t have the energy to be any more upset right now.

For now, just poking at games and working on my sock. Just waiting for it to be Friday morning to see how the election fell out. I don’t personally feel any regard for the ‘changed’ Labour party, nor do I think that they will substantially cater to the left-wing voters in the country. No, they’ve burned that side of their party off and went all right-chasing. Still, will be interesting to see if Electoral Calculus is right on the latest prediction that we’ll flip to Labour.


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