Spaghetti Dinner

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Spouse and eldest are in town to see Avril Lavigne today, so younger and I are doing our own thing. We went to the Post Office and bought some lovely junky. I made a huge pot of spaghetti, which Smaller was ridiculously excited about. I mean, I guess I was too, because it’s not a dish we normally get to have due to beloved spouse having red sauce-based trauma, and it’s something I love to nom upon.

I apparently found some spoons to have an opinion today. I didn’t watch the Presidential debate the other day, but I won’t stand for folx making fun of a stutterer for having a hard time speaking. Two stutterers in my immediate family, another in my extended family, and my own history of speech issues means I’m not going to tolerate this disability to be mocked. My post on Bluesky has had a modest number of reposts and likes, though not much traction on my FB post. I’m never looking to go viral or anything, but if I can make people think about their ‘funny’ and how it’s damaging, well. I can’t always stand up for things that matter, but I’m glad I could do a bit this time.

Right, gonna go digest and zone out.


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