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And Ouch

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The week — I have survived it! Last night was a good meal with good folk. Ditto for the night before. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am finally stopped, and therefore paying a fuller measure of the toll of doing so much (for me) in a week. Heck, I even kicked off today by accidentally turning my… Read more »

In Miniature

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Last night was a lovely family outing to the miniature train station. Z’s dad is a Rotarian, and his club organised the outing. Last year it was nominally with ‘the kids in mind’… this year, there didn’t seem to be too many children. *chuckles* But the girls had fun, we had a nice meal, and I got some impromptu exercise… Read more »


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One of the ladies in my knitting group messaged me this morning, looking to see if I had a certain colour of polish to help her patch her manicure. The tl;dr ended up being that she was going to get some clear to hold it together until her next appointment, but it did serve to remind me that I wanted… Read more »

You Rebel

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We were at the school to see Smalls’ end-of-year play. We were at the back of the room, and I spotted this door. I wasn’t fussed, and it enabled at least one parent with screeching baby to make a dignified escape. Now, Smalls didn’t tell me anything about the play in advance; I asked, she demurred. Turns out she had… Read more »

Relaxation Attempt…

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I’ve got my knitting, I’ve got my games… I’ve also got a childling who wants me to help her learn how to play Sims 4. That last bit means I’ve had to get up a couple of times to show her bits, which of course, she times perfectly to me sitting down and juuust about getting comfortable, ha ha. But… Read more »


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While I was completing my nighttime ablutions last night, Batman started flailing around in the bathtub. I’m pretty sure that he was attempting to catch a small flying bug, but I didn’t see the bug — only frenetic kitty scrabbling. I took a lot of pictures, but this particular jazz hands one? The best. Not the best is the weather… Read more »

Joining the Club

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Smalls was telling me yesterday about building a house in Roblox, so I suggested she try her hand in Sims 4. This was the beginning of her efforts; I didn’t get a picture before she finished for the day. But I can say that her ‘final’ effort was pretty darn good! She’s thinking of challenge bat to a build-off, but… Read more »

Mandatory Fun

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It was the village fun day today, which meant we were obligated to head down to the village hall to take in the sights and eat some ice cream. The girls usually take a turn on the go-carts, but they weren’t here this year. There *was* E’s teddy bear stand, meaning that we came home with ‘new’ stuffed animals (to… Read more »


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We had to make a trip to the grocery store this afternoon. We had a number of birthday cards to pick up, as well as getting some fresh meat for burgers and steak (mmmm steak). It was really beautiful out, as befits a nice summer day. It’s been a fairly good day, all told. I’m in good nick work-wise, so… Read more »