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That’s der-fach-che to you, ha ha. I had a lack of pictures on my phone, so I figured I’d take a silly selfie. After all, people are more likely to read things in if there’s some sort of picture right? <__< Today has been one of those days where I have negative focus. I couldn’t get my head into work… Read more »

Sunshine and Pigtails

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First of all, I finished the first sock! Woo! I managed to do all of it without resorting to my DPNs; you can do magic loop of a sort even on needles this small. And I did to get the last couple of rows done. So that is encouraging that doing bigger socks would work even more effectively. I didn’t… Read more »

Back On to the Next Thing

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I sat down and finished sewing up the second hat this morning, and got back to doing the tiny sock on the tiny circular. I’ve turned the heel and am doing the foot part now. It will be interesting to see how well that works as it decreases onwards towards the toe. I guess I’ll probably just end up doing… Read more »

Outside My Window

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The blinds have stayed pulled shut for the most part lately. But I spotted a strange orange-y colour through a crack, and had to investigate. I was rewarded with this here rainbow! There is much I love about living in the United Kingdom, but the fact I see several rainbows a year is one of them. I guess you can’t… Read more »

Flying Under the Radar

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I have… pretty much nothing to say today, ha ha. Like, I’m here, I’m alive, I think I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday? I sort of have my meds again, though the one I had run out came in the wrong dosage because they didn’t have the right one. I was instructed to just cut it in half to… Read more »

All For Meeeeeeeeee

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I woke up this morning with Z coming upstairs to tell me that he was pre-sanctioning a Teeturtle purchase for me. He said it was made just for me as I blinked the grit out of my eyes, and he wrestled with his phone to show me. And lo, indeed, it’s made just for me, ha ha. Both Z and… Read more »

I Dream of Not Moving…

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So that is exactly what I am doing, in a freshly laundered bathrobe. This picture was from earlier; I’m sharing it ’cause I wanted to show off my latest Teeturtle purchase. I’m not usually a fan of motivational thingies, but 2016 was the year I became a unicorn, so it was incredibly relevant. But yes, home in a bathroom on… Read more »


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I have a few hours of kid duty this evening, horrors of horrors. Z has a meeting, which is fine. It’s my first time tending the fort alone since we’ve been sleep training Littlerbit. He read them some stories before leaving, so really, I just had to herd them upstairs, teeth and toilet, and then into bed. I miiiiiight’ve (definitely)… Read more »

My Attempt at an Angry Face

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Yeah, not really sure that it looks angry… mildly concerned, maybe? But I am pretty upset right now. The tl;dr is that bat’s sister is turfing her out and making her sell her home. There are reasons for it, but I still feel that bat is getting royally screwed to fulfil an agenda his sister has been pushing for years…. Read more »

Done and Done

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Today, I finished the hat. Did the knitting, did the sewing, and called it done. Wound up the wool, and found that have more than enough to do a second one. I guess that’s going to make it easier to fulfil EK’s request, hee hee (that is, if she’s happy with the pink <3). I noted a Facebook friend comment… Read more »