Flying Under the Radar

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I have… pretty much nothing to say today, ha ha. Like, I’m here, I’m alive, I think I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday? I sort of have my meds again, though the one I had run out came in the wrong dosage because they didn’t have the right one. I was instructed to just cut it in half to have half in the morning and half at night, but from what I can tell, that’s probably not a good idea for a gastro-resistant tablet. I’m just going to take it all at night for now, because I think it’s probably fine. As much as I believe in taking my meds like a good ‘girl’, this one was prescribed after my mood starting crapping out after they put me on normal release of my main mood stabiliser. Amazingly, returning to extended release magically fixed my problems. ¬¬

I’ve nothing planned for the weekend, as is how I like it. Well. I’ve got friends coming next weekend, and that is also as I like it, but with both Z and I feeling under the weather, no plans are good plans. Having said that, he’ll probably do something to get the girls out of the house, and I should probably tag along if I can stand without the world spinning. I keep forgetting it does that until I’m standing still.



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