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Really, it’s just a picture of Vivi and Halo, but it pleased me that they had their little faces next to each other in the window of their play nap tube. What can I say, I’m an easily amused cat mom. Not a lot going on, as befits this time of year. Even though I do my best to practice… Read more »

The Bestest

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So far, so good on the Christmas front; I even got a hug from the teenager, le gasp. That’s a pretty good present by any reckoning. It’s only sliiiightly topped by what Z got me — a pen rack/organiser, ha ha. I love my pens, and so does he. That’s why I got him a pen, in its own little… Read more »

Lapping It Up

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I know, I know, I keep falling off the face of the earth; blame it on the wobbliness. I’ve not had a full-out attack (yet ¬¬), but it’s been pretty annoying. But hey, work is done for the year! For me, at least. I don’t have anything fancy planned — just the usual gaming and knitting, with a new side… Read more »

Back to Square

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I managed to rub some spoons together and get my stuff tidied away, huttah, etc. I’ve been feeling a bit of fluttery glee over it, but also of course, exhaustion. *chuckles* But having said that, most of the disorder was veneer; all the understuff was still more or less tidy and organised. So yeah, well chuffed about that. Next project… Read more »

Chipping Away

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So yeah, because I’ve done a lot of events lately, my red boxes have been living on the floor behind my chair. I finally have them put away! There’s still a lot of tidying and reorganising that needs to happen, but at least it’s finally started. Past that, been a bit wobbly all week. Which is to say, worried that… Read more »