Chipping Away

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So yeah, because I’ve done a lot of events lately, my red boxes have been living on the floor behind my chair. I finally have them put away! There’s still a lot of tidying and reorganising that needs to happen, but at least it’s finally started.

Past that, been a bit wobbly all week. Which is to say, worried that a vertigo attack was gonna hit, because I’ve been feeling… well, wobbly is really the best word. Between that and generally being completely exhausted, I’ve not gotten too much done. But that’s fine, too. We’ve built our lives to give us space to take care of ourselves. I wish Z had a bit more of it, because he’s long been covering for me having such a shite baseline. I try to help where I can, but. Only so much.

But anyhoos, good spirits on the whole. Not gonna let illness get me down if I can help it.


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