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Today has basically been non-stop wire wrapping. First, I did 40 keychains, and now I’m working on earrings. Just like, earrings all the way down. I’m taking a punt on them selling at the ridiculously low price I’ve got them. Like, swallow my pride, let’s just tryyyyyy to get some sales. Well, and I also started dolling up some little… Read more »


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I had a post box run to make this afternoon — two orders off of the Co-op, woo hoo, etc. I probably should have put a light jacket on, because hey, it’s midway through October and it’s starting to get nippy out there. But nope, no jacket, tank top, sandals like it was Texas, ha ha. And in that, I… Read more »


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Another Monday, another day making things. Not quite as productively as yesterday, but that’s fine too. Self-care requires taking it a bit slow by and by. I finished a headband, started another, and got stuck in on a cross-stitch. I did some photos and videos for the Co-op; my hair is gross, but whatever. Right. Gonna go look at crafty… Read more »

Work Work Work

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Hihi, I know, I fell of the post wagon. I’m super focused on making things for the two (!!) fayres in doing next month. I’m also busy tryingggggg to get a bit better at social media. That means trying to get at least one post on Instagram a day, and to get my toe into doing Fediverse things. We’ll see… Read more »


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It’s New Glasses Day! These frames are like, the most bisexual glasses I could get, ha ha. There’s red, there’s blue, and it twinkles to purple too. I picked them with less thought than I usually put into it, and spent the last two weeks going ‘oh, did I pick the right ones’. Yes, I did. 😀 But also, yay,… Read more »

First Up

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We decided to get the kids a new scratch tower… Vivi has been testing it out (and Halo is on there now too). Really, three kids were immediately trying to help as soon as Z opened the box. It’s in situ now, and the old one mainly disassembled… I wonder how long before they can shred this one. The first… Read more »

Sweet Goob

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Vivi has recently taken to walking under my chair, just past me, and then letting out a single meow at me. Whelp, guess who gets scooped up and plopped in my lap for his troubles? Yup. Not that he minds — he was purring his little head off. Glad at least one of the four is slowly succumbing to being… Read more »


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Cats love boxes — this is known. So of course, Vivi crammed himself into the smallest box possible. Which yanno, cute, stop, etc. Really, had great cat company today in general, ’cause I opened the windows. We’ve got screens to cover them to keep the cats in, but that meant that all three boys could sit at the back and… Read more »