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Lil’ Booger

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While October is tiny, she is fierce. And by ‘fierce’, I meant she flying launched herself at my braid in the bathroom and left claw indents halfway up my back. I about swallowed my mouthwash, and I might have shouted a wee bit. But she’s always full of beans, except for like, right now. Right now she’s smugly napping on… Read more »


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I came upstairs last night to find these two handsome lads curled up on my vanity… too sweet. They are still such good frens, and we sure don’t take it for granted. Today has been pleasing, insomuch that I have felt human for a long enough spell to wash my hair. Dry shampoo is blessed and I am grateful for… Read more »


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Just chilling, as befits the weekend. Bit of gaming, bit of socking. Did some No Man’s Sky with Z and D last night, which was amusing. I’m sort of hoping we get another session up to help him out. Playing with others isn’t quite my jam, but the nature of the game means that it’s not wholly dependant on me paying… Read more »

So Sweet

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I decided I didn’t have enough cat pictures, so I went upstairs and got this one of October being adorable. And about 10 others, but ANYWAYS. *laughs* One cannot have enough cat pictures — otherwise the internet would break. Or something. Not a lot going on today. Mainly the whole yay, it’s Friday, we survived another week vibe. I’ve felt… Read more »

Big Cat in a Little Box

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I had temporarily placed a box on the couch to be broken down… so of course, it immediately gained a much too large occupant. He was a good sport and let me take several pictures of him being entirely too handsome for his own good. Other cat news… we have the babies booked in for neutering next month. We knew… Read more »

Baby Wyrm

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I had to pin down all the cats yesterday to give them medication. The big boys are pretty resigned about the whole process now, which is great. October is very very gashingly unhappy about it, and Halo… isn’t pleased, but he doesn’t try to murder me. Having said that, all cats love being wrapped up in the towel after the… Read more »

In Bloom

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First sock of the pair is done and fit-tested — all good! I’ve cast off on the second one, but am mainly noodling around in No Man’s Sky because I’m feeling mainly human today. After the past week, not having to take pain meds to stay vaguely upright has been really effin’ nice. I’ll do like last night and take something… Read more »

Chillin’ With My Boo

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Z and I are currently watching through Dark Angel… I’m in near physical pain from late 90s/early 00s slang used in ‘2020’. I’ve also had to English to English some of the slang, because it wasn’t part of British vernacular. Still, figured this was a good enough line for having Vivi chilling in my lap yesterday. He’s developing a lot of… Read more »

Big Mood

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I found this on Z’s camera roll and couldn’t resist. Everything about it is excellent. Like, I really appreciate candid shots that look almost intentional… this oddly ticks that box for me. Not a lot going on. Have friends over, so socialising, crafting, gaming — the usual introvert-style party. 🙂 <3

Stealth +1

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Z spotted Vivi going up the side of my chair, but never making it to the top. That is, of course, until he realised that Vivi had gone under my cardi. So I had a handful of amusing pictures to pick from of him in his ‘clever’ hiding place. Bonus mildly concerned kitten watching, there in the chair. Not a… Read more »