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Our boys, they play hard, they sleep hard. And considering that say, yesterday that had to suffer the indignity of children picking them up funny, and entertaining one of Small’s friends today (and briefly meeting one of the neighbours), they’ve earned their rest. Past that, just been slooowly taking my ‘bigger’ pride flag patterns and seeing what they’d look like… Read more »

Judgement (Broken)

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So, I took this picture of our cuties looking very judgy and twinny last night, and I figured… cats, good. But now the judgemental aspect works really well, because I borked my shop website. I forgot the cardinal rule of doing updates — update -a- plugin at a time, which means pulling all the plugins down and trying to figure… Read more »

Double Your Pleasure

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Both of the kittens were on the desk at the back window, so I scooped them up for a moment, because I could. They didn’t tolerate it for that long, but Z managed to get a picture that sums up the entire experience. *chuckles* Z and Smaller went to Hatters in town yesterday with Mum. Why? To pick out a… Read more »

And Raven Too

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For all that their foster mum said Raven was the bold one, and Vivi the reserved one, it seems like it’s been a smidge the opposite. But also, not? I guess it’s easier for me to find Vivi doing silly things, while Raven is a bit less frenetic. He’s still a fun and funny handsome boy though, and look at… Read more »


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Vivi has, several times now, curled up on the organza bag on the floor to rest his head on the bag of yarn. So cute. Not sure where the boys are right now, but a good guess is upstairs somewhere. (Smaller confirms that they are on my bed). Again with the not much to report.  Just doing my normal things,… Read more »


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I went around the room taking pictures of each of the cats. Poison was the only one awake, and her eyes were so pretty, so she’s the winner of best cat of the second. Then I went and annoyed Vivi by trying to slide under him for cuddles and he wandered off. Ah well. Not been up to anything of… Read more »


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So. I got the latest batch of flags photographed and listed. And I figured… I should probably circle back to my tiny flags and see about getting more of those finished off. I *think* these are all I had done, but there’s also every chance there’s something hiding on my desk. *remembers to check cheat sheet* Yup, just these. I’d… Read more »


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Okaysolike. I took a photo so I could show y’all how awesome the hedges look after the gardener came for round two. I spotted my neighbour in the background and was like, ‘Oh hey, I’ll respect his privacy and pixelate him’. Which somehow just like. Smalls is rolling their eyes because I keep randomly wheeze-giggling about it, because I am… Read more »