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Both of the kids have been spending most of today in their own rooms with the doors closed, which means the poor kittens had to find somewhere else to sleep. Which means I found Vivi sprawled across my bed at hilarious angles, and Raven is napping in my sock bin. I’m not convinced that it’s the comfiest bedding, especially at… Read more »


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With my kiwi almost over, I’ve turned to the what next. I think I have two swears (‘swears’) that I am happy to commit to fruit, and a few fruits that I’d yet like to do. Still, the end of this range is in sight one way or another… hope people like it enough to buy or tell their friends,… Read more »


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I managed to get up and moving early, get my hair washed… feeling kind of human, in spite of having overdone it a bit yesterday. But eh, the early rising makes me feel confident that I can drag myself to my appointment Monday morning even at the stupid early hour, so hopefully that’s productive. I’m sure to comment on that… Read more »


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I’d gone upstairs to check on the cats, when I spotted these cuties. One of the familiars on Flight Rising is Ferberus, and while this pile only has two heads, I love how they blend together. So cute. It’s been another fairly good day. Felt human enough to help out in the kitchen, which is rare. Still, as said, it’s the… Read more »

Om Nom Nom

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Today has been, on the whole, a pretty good day. I’ve had a few patches of annoying dizziness, but managed to keep it mainly pushed back. Managed to get myself out of bed a bit earlier than I had in preparation for having to be up stupid early Monday. Got some degree of work done, which is better than no… Read more »

De Nada

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Not really up to anything today. Did my home Covid test for the survey; we’ve been picked to continue with the new wave of the survey. Not that I take forever filling up the blood test vial, but it’s nice to have even less time pressure on it. Z still has to do the survey part of it for himself… Read more »

Caught Out

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Smalls sent me this picture earlier today; they’d caught Poison in the act of tolerating Vivi snuggles. It didn’t last long, as Vivi followed Smalls back downstairs, but still — it happened! I knew it would eventually. Hopefully I’ll get to see it first hand soon. Not a lot going on today on the whole. Been working on my cross-stitch,… Read more »

Vivi No

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Z has been making a point to make sure that Poison has food upstairs, because the boys are little food Hoovers. While I’ve not seen the boys try to take her food, this picture is just so… Vivi, no. *chuckles* I managed to rub my brain together and get some edits to my cross-stitch listings completed. I was adding half-stitches… Read more »


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I was rather amused to find Raven standing so close to Poison, and her just kind of shrugging and pretending he wasn’t. Plus, lookit that boy — he’s getting so big. They both are. Still kittenish in build and behaviour, but yeah… scaling up, and up, and up, and just looking increasingly large. They’ve fully moved on to the adult… Read more »