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Grumpy Helpers

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I had a couple of orders come in this evening, so been slowly puttering around making those happen. It amused me that the first one came in on the back of me posting about *other* listings I’d just gotten up. The new flag set is frayromantic/fraysexual; I’d seen it on a Discord friend’s profile and it rang something in me…. Read more »

Sew Buttons

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So like, legit, who puts brown buttons on a black thing? Thankfully, the buttons I ordered came in today, and I just finished switching them all to black. Now I have to decide if I am going to do the same on the red one… maybe. Black was ‘easy’ cause I had matching yarn, while I’m not sure I’ve got… Read more »


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One thing I’ve learned in recent years is why I’ve had a tendency to hoard stickers. It’s apparently a common sort of thing with those who experienced trauma as a child. Like… if you use it, it’s gone, or can be seen and taken? I don’t remember the specifics of it, but I do love stickers, and yeah, have most… Read more »

Couch Potato

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We had picked up a pair of Squishmallows for the girls for Christmas, and Z got me Astrid here on the sly. Smaller has been sad since Christmas that ‘Santa’ didn’t bring Daddy a Squishmallow, so we’re making sure that ‘Santa’ (or someone) will be getting him one for his birthday next month. We’re vaguely poking to find the right… Read more »


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I was sitting here earlier, and I got slammed hard with a wave of exhaustion and blech. It is what it is, and well. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse? Like, been sitting here waiting for it to progress to a fibro flare, but so far, so good. Ish. That’s been about it really,, heh. Did some work, drilled some shizz…… Read more »


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So yeah, the mentioned finger injuries, the tribute to the Craft Gods? With purpose, naturally. I’m drilling a lot of dice right now for a new flag, one that I’d only recently heard of but feel needs a bit more light shined on it. Which one? Y’all will find out… eventually. Or you can look around and see if the… Read more »

Tribute to the Craft Gods

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Y’all, the Craft Gods are angry and hungry for blood. I managed to offer tribute last night while doing a di for a keychain, and again just now while drilling out dice for a new set of flags. It is what it is, and maaybe I should just like… take a break from drilling. But I’m inspired to do the… Read more »


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Look y’all, first sock of 2021, and we’re only halfway through January! I’m so pleased. I’m even more pleased because Mum has seemed more interested in usual in my sock-based ramblings. I know that she’s wanting to get back into her knitting, and like… socks knit up fast and fun. I’ve got a range of needles to try in various… Read more »

Better Homes and Voids

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I got compliments on the picture last night of Poison, HRH Princess Tinyface, so I figured I’d do a Batman one today. He’d come over to whine because I wasn’t paying attention to him… I know, the travesty. *laughs* I hit the point at work today where I yeeted my remaining year ends at a co-worker. Like, he’ll have ’em… Read more »

So Good

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I sat down and saw that I didn’t really have a good picture for today, so yanno, hi cat, say cheese. The front camera on my phone is really good, and she’s really cute, so voila — un chat. Not really much to report today. Work wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. An item of clothing I ordered… Read more »