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I have been meaning to reorganise my big bookshelf for… a really, really long time. It took awhile, but at least now I’ve got a bit of spare space to work with, and made sure to leave less books near the cat tree, ha ha. Their frolicking was quite prone to knocking books to the floor, so.

Been keeping busy in a ‘holy crap, my nerves’ fibromyalgia sort of way, heh. Got some listings updated on my co-op shop, made some more stitch markers for science and still getting my knit on. The pair in progress are for R, and she was over briefly last night, so she got to confirm that the fit was good. Which is yay, hee hee.

But yeah, fibro… so rude. I’m currently on my longest streak of it, and I’m bored of it. I mean, as bored as you can be of a flavour of chronic pain, but anyways. It is what it is.


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