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Z bought four pumpkins, which is what we do pretty much every year. He helped the girls do theirs (pictured), and then we agreed to just put the other two out uncarved. He’s gonna use the uncarved ones later to much pumpkin curry, a dish my Melly taught us that we are quite fond of. Hrm, I’m guessing that Halloween… Read more »

We Return to…

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… our regularly scheduled programme of knitting. There’s still a part of me that is flailing about and wanting to play with beads, but yeah. It’s nice to be not doing that for a bit. I still need to circle back and photograph/list the things I made last week, but that’s fine. I don’t have to do it today, or… Read more »

Until It Sleeps

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I have achieved the one chore I wanted to get done today; I have put my exhibition stuff away, and relatively tidily to boot. I’m not 100% that’s how I am going to want things, but it does the job of having it not take over the entirety of behind my chair, so. But yeah, that’s been about it. I’ve… Read more »


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It has been a very long day. I/we are exhausted. There weren’t really many sales, but the community at the event were really nice — I will definitely be doing the next one in December. But yeah, so tired. I’m ridiculously grateful that the girls are being quiet-ish, because like… yeah. I’ve thumped my head against my keyboard a few… Read more »

The Hanging Gardens

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I am so behind on everything at this point, but like, hi. I’m here. I did things today, like get this display tested out. I had to redo at least once, but I think that it’s going to work for showing off the fancier stuff. Woo. I’ve also got most of my things for tomorrow packed up, so that’s good…. Read more »

Red Boxen

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The end of the week is screeching closer and closer. One of the things that I am going to have to do tomorrow is prep my boxen, one of which is pictured buried under… everything. *chuckles* Z has another one on the other side of the lounge that I can take from him and use to put my display things… Read more »

Cheap and Cheerful

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I hit a point last night where I ran out of cards for earrings. So I decided I’d suck it up and move on to something else. I ended up circling back to a box of ultra pink, rather cheap beads, and then have turned most of it into bracelets. Like, cheap bracelets at a low price point, but not… Read more »

Locked and…

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The lady who runs the craft fair just messaged me; she wanted to confirm if I was coming or not, as tables were starting to run out. I confirmed that I was, and sent her a few pictures of the things I’ve been making this week. I’m getting a wee bit obsessed with making earrings, to the point of having… Read more »


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I have spent bits of the past 24 hours working on levelling up my wire wrapping skills. I made a couple of really pretty pairs of earrings last night by bending headpins into loops, and using those to have multiple danglies. Two wasn’t too hard to do, but three? That took a wee bit of doing. And it’s still taking… Read more »