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I have spent bits of the past 24 hours working on levelling up my wire wrapping skills. I made a couple of really pretty pairs of earrings last night by bending headpins into loops, and using those to have multiple danglies. Two wasn’t too hard to do, but three? That took a wee bit of doing. And it’s still taking some doing, but I am feeling a bit more like I know what I am doing. The headpins are fairly heavy duty, so I might be working in a medium that isn’t ideal for the novice… but that’s okay. I have thinner wire *somewhere* that I can play with (once I find it, at least).

Otherwise, I’ve just been zoned out. I woke up with a bit of a headache this morning, so I spent the first half of the day trying to convince myself I could tough it out, and then eventually sucking it up and going for another heavy dose of caffeine, paired with some co-codamol. That is, of course, the point where children and cats began to increase their attempts to vie for my attention, ha ha. They were super considerate once I clarified what was going on, and I’m sure they probably were being just as ‘Mommy, look at me!’ before I hit the point where it was really noticeable due to headache. 🙂

Right, gonna go back to playing with wire, and zoning out… probably more of the latter, based on the fact I forgot I had a can of Coke on my desk. ><


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