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The boys continue to be close, spending lots of time on top of each other or, at least, near each other. But my favourite take on it is when their little faces are all squished up against each other. Still on the sore and exhausted side of life, but in good spirits nonetheless. I’ve confirmed my booking for the event… Read more »


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Vivi decided to curl up on the couch next to Mum, and now that she’s out of the room, Raven has also joined. Will they stay when she gets back? I think, mebbeso. Raven did pop off, and then return, so. Not been up to anything today really. Just like, vaguely gaming, vaguely knitting, and on the whole, resting. I… Read more »


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Stall happened. I still didn’t make loads, but I covered the cost of my table, and about 2/3 of the Square card reader. Which is to say, a last-minute Etsy order that came in yesterday netted me more money than four hours in a loud room, but anyways. It happened, and I am completely wiped out now. I’m still looking… Read more »

Another Whee

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I woke up this morning to a few messages from R. One of them was pointing out another event happening in the village next month that was still looking for a few stallholders. So I dropped a message, and yeah, they think I’d be a decent fit. So that’s pretty whee in the mildly euphoric sense. I don’t completely avoid… Read more »

Mildly Euphoric

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I got a call yesterday inviting me for an appointment at my new dentist’s office today. It went super well! Everything looked good, outside of a tiny spot of gum grump (we agreed a little extra brushing attention was all it needed). She also took a few snaps to check my fillings, all good, AND we got the first round… Read more »

Home, I Guess

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Even though I’ve been a cat owner my entire life, they still manage to delight and bemuse me. Raven was in the tub when I’d chucked a towel over the edge, and it covered him. He stayed. I’ve managed to repeat this several times. I guess he lives there now. I’ve had a pretty productive day. I got all the… Read more »

Le Grump

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Vivi decided to drape himself over Z’s foot on the little footstool. The best bit was just… he looked so grumpy about it. I wasn’t able to capture and share the purest of the grump looks, ’cause Smaller came in and got his attention, but this was pretty close. D came around this morning to discuss the stand he’s building… Read more »

Tagging and Bagging

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My little pricetag stickers came in this afternoon, so I’m tagging and bagging up all my necklaces. I found a few boxes in the garage that I could use to further organise my stuff for next weekend, so I brought them in. Hopefully I can get most of this done this weekend, tidied up, and ready to go for next… Read more »