No Comments on Squishes

The boys continue to be close, spending lots of time on top of each other or, at least, near each other. But my favourite take on it is when their little faces are all squished up against each other.

Still on the sore and exhausted side of life, but in good spirits nonetheless. I’ve confirmed my booking for the event at the Village Hall next month, which I am looking forward to (even knowing the toll it will take). I’m waffling on whether to make anything extra above what I have before then, but also, not super fussed either. Maybe some asymmetric gemstone earrings, if I can find ones that look like they’d match in such a manner? I’m also tempted to do some of the 3″ cross-stitches of some Pagan symbology, but I haven’t had the spoons to look at images and pattern them up to my tastes. Still, it might be a thing to do.

For now, football, caffeine, bit of gaming, bit of knitting. Party.


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