Another Whee

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I woke up this morning to a few messages from R. One of them was pointing out another event happening in the village next month that was still looking for a few stallholders. So I dropped a message, and yeah, they think I’d be a decent fit. So that’s pretty whee in the mildly euphoric sense. I don’t completely avoid putting myself out there, even if rejection is painful, but it feels really nice when a ‘gamble’ pays off.

Y’all get a picture of the iron, because I was just pressing the freshly washed sheet of smols. Yup, got 9-12 finished today, and in goodly time to get some fabric protector on them to dry overnight. Or, at least, to get a coat on and start gluing them up this evening. I’ve already got the hoops washed and ready, so.

So yeah. Party. Time is escaping, but in a happy sort of way.


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