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What I really wanted was a rainbow dress. Weirdly, couldn’t find anything good; I took for granted such a thing would exist year round. But I found a neat skirt, so at least I’ve got that for stall tiems. Do I neeeed rainbows? No. But they make me feel proper when I’m out doing the thing. Now, here’s hoping enough… Read more »


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Naw, the wound on my thumb is from my drill, not me. I mentioned yesterday that it tasted blood, and yeah. I don’t know what was going on, but I was just having a not good time of it. So it sometimes goes. As for today, I’ve had a brutal headache. Pain meds push it back enough that I’ve just… Read more »


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My stuff is a bit all over the place right now. Which, to be fair, was always going to happen with makingĀ all the things for later in the month. I finished a cross-stitch earlier, and started on another one. I need to prep more of the smol frames and get those finished. I also need to turn a bunch of… Read more »

Many Naps

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The boys have made a point to nap all day, in precisely spaces containing projects I could be working on. Vivi is taking up my window desk, which means no drilling. Raven is curled up on my blanket in progress, though now he’s nestled into Smaller’s pancho-robe on top of the blanket. Cats, innit. I just hope the fireworks don’t… Read more »

Handsome Company

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I came home from visiting Z’s mom to find Raven on ‘my’ couch. He’s run off a couple of times, but he’s also come back several times to hang out. So yeah, I’ve got cute eye candy to occasionally wander over and pester with pets. Petser with pests? Anyways. *laughs* Good visit with Mum, but they pretty much always are…. Read more »


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I’d been thinking yesterday afternoon that I wanted to, if I spotted one, do a stall at a village event in the near future. Lo and behold, I found out about one later this month. So I’m booked in, and flailing trying to get my ducks in a row. I’ve made an inventory spreadsheet. I’ve started looking to see what… Read more »

Sure, Why Not

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Z had to go get blood taken for a test, so he stopped at B&M on the way back to see if they had any of the Krave breakfast bars the kids liked. Alas, they didn’t. He did pick up some of the cheap and cheerful advent calendars so we could have them in November. The kids were well impressed,… Read more »

Work It

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We had parent/teacher conferences this afternoon, so I made a point to adorn myself in some of my efforts. Nobody commented on anything, but hey, at least I made an effort at advertising my goods and services. šŸ˜€ As for the conference, it was the usual — your child tries really hard and is a delight to have in class…. Read more »