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Even though I’ve been a cat owner my entire life, they still manage to delight and bemuse me. Raven was in the tub when I’d chucked a towel over the edge, and it covered him. He stayed. I’ve managed to repeat this several times. I guess he lives there now.

I’ve had a pretty productive day. I got all the things photographed and listed that I wanted to; all of those items are now packed away. I also got a random urge to make a guide to all the pride flags I’ve used, so I did. Since the laminator sheets were in, those got the special treatment as well… I hope people who come past my table look at it. Z also suggested I put a pdf copy on my website for people to download. It’s a good idea. Or I could just put up a page in the store with all that information in it. I won’t worry too much about that right now though. The main things I need to ‘worry’ about is getting all my stuff packed up tidily for easy transport on Saturday. So of course, I’m cross-stitching a tiny bee. Why not. 🙂


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