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Expect the Unexpected

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I was amused, and not at all surprised that Mum was surprised to see me today. I guess because we went out yesterday? Anyways, normal visit had, nice times had, etc. And now, it’s the weekend, woo, etc. I suspect I will be flailing looking for things to craft. I’ll also be taking the next look at what I want… Read more »

Slightly Damp

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It has been… very rainy today. We went to the garden centre with Mum to do a bit of shopping, and I was very glad for my new winter coat. I need to swap out the buttons on the back of the collar for the hood with something slightly larger, but that’s my only complaint so far. It’s calf length,… Read more »


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I’ve started on the next ‘sheet’ of smols. When I last ordered aida, I ordered pre-cut sheets, which work out well for eight smols. So at least two immediately, and I can probably decide to do the other four as well. Smaller apparently has decided she wants to try her hand at guitar; I just sat down and gave it… Read more »


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‘lo and stuff. Not a lot to say really. Just sort of zoning out, playing¬†Dragon Warrior IV on an emulator. I should try to get some more smolhearts cast on, as I realised I’d completely missed doing the Trans flag, but if I don’t do that tonight, that is also fine. It’s the Bake-Off final, so might as well do… Read more »

A Battle Lost

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Vivi has decided he’s camping on Z’s laptop today. Z has accepted this with good grace, ha ha. I tried to shift him earlier with offers of cuddles, but after I rudely didn’t give them ALL THE FOOD, he has replaced himself thusly. Cats, innit. I mean, it’s probably a nice degree of warm, so. Not a lot today. Finished… Read more »


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I finished a seed bead bracelet off this morning, and eventually got the threads cut to get another one going. Whether I start on the next one tonight or tomorrow, we’ll see — I have to get through getting it on the loom first. Spent most of my crafting time today making drawbench bead bracelets. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re… Read more »


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The extent of my managing to-do today has been working on this bracelet. But that also included semi-inspired patterning that has thrilled me. I’m on the final selvage, so I can do that, tuck it away, and… probably veg right out. I finally figured out that I vaguely want to play¬†YouTubers Life 2, so at least that’s locked in. Hopefully…. Read more »


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Z needed to go into town to meet a new potential employee, so I went to wander around and see if I could find anything I could use for jewellery stands. I found a few things, and I also found Naomi! She makes her own clothing, she’s fabulous, and she used to live in the village. I commented that I… Read more »


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Call me Prometheus, ’cause I’ve stolen me some fire from the gods. Well okay, bought a torch off of Amazon, but *anyways*. Z gassed it up a bit for me, but I haven’t played with it yet. I’m trying to finish the bracelet that I have on the go first. Best to avoid crossing projects when one includes fire, ha… Read more »

Mineral Water

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I got a hankering last night to make some wire-wrapped earrings, and then today, that went to drilling out small stones to let hang on their own. So now I have a little container of earrings, and I’ve just dumped out some expensive artisanal mineral water after my efforts (har har, har har). But yeah, unexpected making direction. Not complaining!… Read more »