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Cat, Stop

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Today I learned that it’s possible to be harassed by a cat to the point where one almost succumbs to an anxiety attack… I wish I was exaggerating here. Batman spent a solid couple of hours hovering around me wanting attention, and like. Am I dying or something? Cat. Stop. Go awaaaay. Having said that, Z figured it out and… Read more »

Eventually Mine

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Some nail polish I ordered what feels like forever ago finally arrived. It’s pretty and I look forward to getting it on my fingers in the next couple of days. Well. I think it was about 2 weeks ago I ordered it? I’d won the £5 credit draw two Wednesdays back, and ordered my pretties asap. She’s only shipping on… Read more »


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I was pleased this morning; the adaptor I needed for my monitor came in a day early. Z even had it swapped out for me before I swanned downstairs for the day. Happy face? Yes, definitely happy face. I’m back in my game of The Witcher 3 along with the other things I’m doing, so. Woo. Etc. Past that, it’s been… Read more »

Free Samples

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I made a quick effort to dump out some of the toy kits into a bag… it’s a full bag, and I know I have oodles of other toy kits around. Ah well. *laughs* I’ve finished the gray I was working on yesterday and joined on some yellow; it’s starting to feel less awkward now that I’m getting stuck back… Read more »

Wool and Some

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Socks: done. Yarn picked out for next socks: done. Progress on scrap blanket: existent. I had hoped that it had been long enough since I’d worked on the scrap blanket that I wouldn’t be bored picking it back up… oh, how rose-tinted things can be, ha ha. It’s boring, it’s heavy, and it’s warm. It’s thankfully a smidge cool, so… Read more »

Pretty Little Pansies

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I’m not absolutely sure why I love pansies, but I do. I can only surmise it has something to do with being a fan of Alice in Wonderland as far back as I can remember. I really need to read through both books of Alice at some point… it’s been much too long. Today has mainly been a frustrating struggle to… Read more »

Feelin’ Good

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Today, I’ve gotta say, has been pretty aight. Work was a victory lap. The weather is nice. My nails are pretty. I’m in Pastamode today, which is one of my favourite eatery modes. *laughs* But the main bonus of good-feeling is being able to pass some yarn on to someone who needs. You see, someone finally set up a village… Read more »

Teeny Time

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The super tiny knitting needles I ordered came in, so I am Sciencing™®. I think that I can reliably produce markers for 1.5mm needles, which is perfect. I just have to satisfy myself with making sure I have a selection for 2 to 2.25mm, and the bottom end of everything will be covered to my satisfaction. I don’t know that… Read more »

Aesthetically Pleasing

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Seeing as how I forgot to blog yesterday, y’all get yesterday’s photo — some hanging baskets that I found appealing. I’ve never personally got on with the medium, since I tend to forget about them due to being not on the ground. And that, in the most tenuous of tangents, is why I’m remembering to blog today, ha ha. I… Read more »