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Definitely a Cloud

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I’ve never understood the concept of no clouds in the sky meaning that it’s a beautiful day. Clouds are awesome! They’re pretty and help keep the sun from being quite so bold. Plus yanno, I like rain and snow and all the weathery sorts of things, so. But anyways, it’s Friday! Woo! Week over! I’m not doing much knitting today,… Read more »

Not a Magpie

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(And not violas yesterday — pansies! Remembered this morning, ha ha) I was around at Mum’s house earlier to knit and chat a bit. I was standing in the kitchen, and I saw a lovely huge magpie in the birdbath. Of course, the fucker flew off in the time it took me to get my phone, but ANYWAYS. I took… Read more »

A Bit Wonderland

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One of our neighbours owns a nursery, so his flower game is always on point. I love these beauties… violas? I remember them from various adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, and anyways. They make me happy. Otherwise, same old same old. Work happened, some gaming has happened, some knitting has happened. I’m probably not going to get too many rows done… Read more »

Not Bluebonnets

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There’s all these bluebells springing up all over the village. I love them, even if they’re not bluebonnets (the state flower of Texas). I’m a sucker for blue flowers of pretty much any stripe, to include some of my favourite rose cultivars. Today has been the usual rag — work, bit of game, bit of knit. I’m well on my… Read more »

Roll Up, Roll Up

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As I’ve been working on the Dr Who scarf, I’ve been rolling it up to keep it tidy and easy to maneuver. It’s pretty impressive, being about half a foot in diameter. Mainly though, I’m relieved that this is working to keep this rolling (har har, har har). That’s been pretty much it today, besides the usual sideline of gaming…. Read more »


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I made a point recently to pull out my ancient headband of old to try and get the dust/fur off of it. I vaguely succeeded, enough to feel happy putting it on my head. I realised this morning that I’ve had this particular headband for 19 years. It’s two of two; the first one got sat on by a boyfriend… Read more »

Sparkle Sparkle

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I, some time back, bought a bag of factory second dice from The Thornless Rose. There’s a couple things I’ve been able to mentally pair off for earrings, but alas… only one of these gorgeous beauties. I felt like turning it into a keychain would be a disservice, so I tried my hand at a wee bit of wire wrapping…. Read more »


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One of the places I buy nail polish from, Prism Polish, includes little squishy toys with orders as the fun bonus. They’re almost always adorable, but this one screams some amazing moogle vibes. I’m tempted to see if I can manage to craft some little wings of decent quality to stick on, a little antennae… so good. Not much going… Read more »

Bucolic Bliss

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I know, I post a lot of pictures of this random house in the village. It just often catches my eye with the sky and the tree, and the just… composition is blissful. I like village life, and I like to a degree the need to walk to the postbox rather than having a mailbox with a flag like in… Read more »