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Happy Hands

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Not been up to much today, which is perfect. Most of it has been doing jewellery-making science. I have a big bag of 14mm dice, dice that were supposed to be 12mm, but *anyways*. I drilled a few out last night to get my head around potential ideas, and I think that earrings might be the winner. I’ve made a… Read more »

Generically Yours

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Yup, it’s mah face again. Which is to say, nothing really to report today. Some work happened, it’s the weekend now, and I’m waiting for black dice. *laughs* A lot of the pride flags I want to make require black, and I decided it’s probably going to look sharpest with an opaque black dice in situ. We’ll see. For now,… Read more »

New Chair Smell

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My new chair arrived today! But only one did; we’re expecting Z’s chair to show up tomorrow. Well. We expected both today, but only one showed up, so we built it and called it mine. My back is so, so very happy. I’ve got it tilted slightly forward, which is putting nice pressure on my back. It ‘hurts’ in that… Read more »

Smalls Found It

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It was raining a wee bit earlier, and Z commented that there was probably a rainbow somewhere. So Smalls started running to look out windows, and found one. I was only permitted to post the pictures I took on my on phone as long as I gave her credit for finding it. So yanno, good job dork. *laughs* Past that,… Read more »


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Today’s photo is some acrylic scraps on a tray, crappily shot with love. *laughs* Which is to say, been drilling out this and that casually between playing The Witcher 3. I also bought a pair of 25mm knitting pegs to use as mandrels to make 20mm stitch markers, because that makes sense to me. Anyhoos, can’t think of anything else to… Read more »


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Today has been a day of craft-related tasks. First of all, I had 4 Etsy orders in the previous day and change. One I got posted off yesterday, another prepped, and then woke up to two more. So had to get all that prepped to send off, get stuff prepped to replace the listings (which I tend to do especially… Read more »

Signs of Autumn

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I had to run something down to the postbox this afternoon, and I thought that this tree looked especially skeletal and autumnal and stuff up against the house it stands by. Add in the smidge of dark clouds… well. Rain is due tomorrow, it’s rained a bit today… all is lovely in my book. I didn’t get much work-work done… Read more »

Toy Toy Toy!

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After buying myself ALL THE THINGS! yesterday, my new dremel and related press stand came. I’ve so far managed to coat a bur in plastic, fuck up a few di, and just enjoy a bit of general noisy mayhem. I won’t be able to do anything constructive probably until the smaller drill bits and multichuck arrive, but that’s fine. I… Read more »

Relief and Not Relief

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So, on the yay hand, I’ve managed to draw myself through a bath; the glory of clean hair is never underestimated. On the boo hand… I can’t deny the existence of my fibromyalgia anymore.  I’ve noticed the last couple of days that my bones felt heavy, and this morning, I’m like… is this my body attempting to understand pain? Turns… Read more »

Flappety, Etc

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Even with making the slowest of progress, progress *is* being made sock-wise. I’ve started on the heel flap, which is usually a point where I can find a bit more focus… not that I have a lot right now. Smalls suggested that we order pizza for dinner (it’s cheaper on Tuesdays), and we were down with it too. Between pizza… Read more »