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Today has been a day of craft-related tasks. First of all, I had 4 Etsy orders in the previous day and change. One I got posted off yesterday, another prepped, and then woke up to two more. So had to get all that prepped to send off, get stuff prepped to replace the listings (which I tend to do especially with stitch markers), and other such things. I got another one of the Gay Pride necklaces made, and trayed up the stuff for a third one. I ordered another metric buttload of dice. I crocheted a few hearts, which are now ready to be beribboned. So like, I might not have done ALL THE THINGS, but I have done some of the things, and am more or less contented.

Right. *claps hands* Gonna go take my meds, get my old lady pill caddy refilled, ’cause I know how to part-ay. *laughs*


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