Signs of Autumn

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I had to run something down to the postbox this afternoon, and I thought that this tree looked especially skeletal and autumnal and stuff up against the house it stands by. Add in the smidge of dark clouds… well. Rain is due tomorrow, it’s rained a bit today… all is lovely in my book.

I didn’t get much work-work done today, but I did do some science with my dremel. Cut and greased finger, accepting that there is pretty much no chance I can finesse something that quick to cut plastic without making a godawful mess, doing some reading up on bits and how-to and whatnot. I’ve got a second hand drill coming tomorrow, something that should be a smidge easier on the hands, but mainly ’cause it comes with about 5 million different drill bits for low money. I don’t mind fucking that stuff up for science, so. And it’s not like hand drilling beads is the end of the world either; I did a quick pride necklace per request for Smalls, which she is happy with.

Right, gotta herd Smaller to bed, and think about more colour matchings.


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