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Hidden Portals

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It’s not quite a faerie ring that I’ve found in the front garden, but it’s fun to pretend that it is. I didn’t expect to find little mushrooms, despite the fact that it’s been raining and chilly and probably good weather to see that sort of thing occur. Mainly though, I’ve just been enjoying my day off. It’s really nice… Read more »


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The blanket is done! It’s wrapped up and waiting in the foyer for there to actually be anyone next door. I’m guessing that childing might finally be making the awaited appearance, but I won’t know until I know. Otherwise, it’s been gaming, zoning out, and actually knitting something else. It’s weird, but nice. Blankets take for freaking ever, even small… Read more »

Blanket Weather

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The air was the right combination of cool and damp that I wandered around with my blanket around my shoulders pretty much all day. It’s nice! I like it when I’m on the cooler side of things; there’s no limit to how much you can put on, while you can only take so much off. Work happened, and now it’s… Read more »

Counting Down…

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There is an air of urgency coming from next door. We don’t think that the childling has made their arrival, but we think the imminence is, well, imminent. Which means I really, *really* need to buckle down on the blanket. It’s further along than it looks; doing it this way means the ever-decreasing row length makes it feel even faster…. Read more »

Still Missing

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I am starting to get cross with Amazon. I ordered the new lip ring thinking it was going to be yesterday; yesterday it said it would be today. Okay fine, I can handle that. Now it’s saying that it could be Thursday or Friday… I’m less okay with that. I’m tempted to order from a different seller just to have… Read more »


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It feels super weird to be able to take my ling ring out. I put it right back in after taking this picture, but still. My face feels naked. I’m slightly annoyed because I thought the one I ordered last night would be here today, but it seems it’s going to be tomorrow instead. At least it’s before I’m out… Read more »

New Face Who Dis

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New glasses: gotten. And while they’re a bit bigger than the pair they are replacing, I think I rather do like them. It’s still weird to feel the bottom of them when I smile though… but I’ll get used to that. And while it’s dumb, I was having an anxiety about having to deal with this on my own. I… Read more »


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There’s an envelope. Its purpose will be revealed in the near future (it’s a birthday card for someone, shh). Jeze brought it for Jello, and we’ve passed it around the house for him. We also bought a cake for after dinner, so. Yanno, happy UK, happy birthday, etc. It’s been a good day so far. Company has been pleasant, Drawful… Read more »

Hey Hairrr

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When I woke up this morning, I decided to suck it up and wash my hair. It wasn’t nearly as far gone as I’ve been letting it lately, so yeah, it feels pretty amazing now. We’ve got company coming to visit tomorrow, so yanno, glad I managed to talk myself into it. What I’ve not managed to talk myself into… Read more »

The Menagerie

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I made a start today on reorganising my space. The big bads that needed the most reorganising have been pulled out and tidied, and that gave me room to get a footstool alongside my drawers to put things on top of. I will have to rethink the stuff under the curtain rail if/when I do another live event, but for… Read more »