Blanket Weather

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The air was the right combination of cool and damp that I wandered around with my blanket around my shoulders pretty much all day. It’s nice! I like it when I’m on the cooler side of things; there’s no limit to how much you can put on, while you can only take so much off.

Work happened, and now it’s the weekend. Woo, weekend. I need to knit fast and knit hard, because hey, really, really running out of time. It’s not gonna be the end of the world if I finish it after the childing arrives, but it would be nice to be prompt. It’s easy to put a project aside and never finish it if the childing is born before project is complete.

Speaking of childlings, R and fam are gonna come visit in a few weeks! So that’ll be nice; the young master continues to learn how to do new things, which means more things that just about every baby does, but man it’s a baby I know, which means they’re one of the cleverest people that has ever existed.

Right, gonna go try to think about knitting.


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