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Local Rocks

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One thing that is going around here is the painting of rocks, and then leaving them for people to find. The girls ‘found’ this one earlier today, and now have to find somewhere else in the village to stash it. It made it to the grocery store with us, but as Z pointed out to the kids — it’s a… Read more »

We Got One!

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Okay, it’s totally a bit sad, but I’m super thrilled that I have now had -a- sale this month. Which means that I needed to make another of the item to relist, hence the stuff out on the desk with all the other stuff. I even took a fresh batch of photos so that the listing will have yanno, photos… Read more »

Goodbye to an Old Friend

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And no, not the cat — Poison continues to exist, in spite of our severe betrayal in getting rid of the old couch. The new one is in now, and she’s trying to ignore its existence (which is pretty impressive, because it’s obscenely long). I’m sure that she’ll go check it out on her own terms,b ut she’s not ready… Read more »

The Good Kind of Crossed

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Being crossed cables, for the first time by my hand. I cannot claim that it’s the tidiest job, but it still looks pretty cool, and I’m happy to be learning a new-to-me skill variant. I’m on the last row of the pattern section, and then I have to do it another 3 or 4 times. We’ll see how much wool… Read more »


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One of the many things that makes this half of the year superior to the flaming ball of death half of the year — cat snuggles. While neither of our cats are lap cats, I can sometimes coax Batman to sit on me for fuss when it’s a bit colder out. I didn’t think that he would concede to me… Read more »

Gun Shy

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After doing so many gauge squares, and after the last pair of socks came up a wee bit big, I’m not quite settling into my groove. A part of me wants to put aside the pattern I’ve picked, or choose a different wool, something. but I am going to try to fight the gun shy feeling and muck through. I’ve… Read more »


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R and her husband are here for Friendsgiving. We have played the requisite Drawful, and have just finished cramming food in assorted faces. Z did a fantastic job as usual, and I definitely ate too much. I’ll find room for a pie though hopefully, since R made and brought one with her. *says goodbye* So yeah, a good day, as… Read more »

New Arms, Please!

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I’m not 100% sure what I did, but I woke up with both of my arms feeling like they were on fire. The most likely thing I can reckon it could be was that, foolishly, I went to bed with a bit of tight elastic on my wrist. I had bought some pressure point bands when I was pregnant, so… Read more »

Sock Party!

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Yes, I finished the pair I was on. Which means that I have, of course, already picked another pattern and caked up the next skein of wool to get the next pair started, hee hee. I’m slightly annoyed because these came up a tiny bit bigger than my other pairs, so not quite as snug. The fit is still more… Read more »

Pure Joy

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I have said in the past of our love of all things stationary. So needing to replace our old shredder was a thing of happy rather than a pain in the ass. I was also pleasantly surprised that we were able to find a better replacement for, I’m pretty sure, less than the outgoing one costs my in-laws 5+ years… Read more »