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One of the many things that makes this half of the year superior to the flaming ball of death half of the year — cat snuggles. While neither of our cats are lap cats, I can sometimes coax Batman to sit on me for fuss when it’s a bit colder out. I didn’t think that he would concede to me removing a hand from him to take photos, but I lucked out — voila, proof that I got him to sit on me and get loved upon. 😀

But yeah, doing the usual Monday thing otherwise. My sock is coming along nicely, and I’m almost done with the cuff. I also managed to nab the last trophy I’m likely to be able to nab in Two Point Hospital; the one remaining requires a degree of skill and luck that I haven’t quite mastered. I’m hoping that Z can get the hang of it and do it for me, ha ha.

*yawns and stretches* Right, back to the things.


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