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Not Too Bad

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I’ve been working on the Bear flag since last night, and I am thinking that it looks a bit better in actual stitches than on the chart. Now I just have to prevent myself from overthinking all the things, ha ha. Easier said than done, amirite. I have done other things today too, which are pleasing and craft-related. I put… Read more »

Plotting On

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I’ve finished the Intersex flag and am quite pleased with it. I’m currently attempting to chart out the Bear flag; the paw print makes it awkward at the small scale I’m working on. Still, I think that I have it more or less figured out without having to resort to teaching myself embroidery (which… tempting… ish?). It strikes me as… Read more »

Doot Doot Doot

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Not a super lot going on today, which is always my preferred approach to the weekend. I’m stitching, I’m gaming, I’m… potentially plotting spending a lot more money on thread, ha ha. I found a site that sells Anchor for a most agreeable price, so I sat down and wrote down all the colour codes that looked interesting/useful. It’s um…… Read more »

Adults Only

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Mum’s monthly appointment with her foot lady fell in the middle of our normal slot, so we both came to the same conclusion about that (cancellation). But I had a thought yesterday — why don’t Z and I both go over for a little bit at a slightly earlier time? So we did that, and it was nice. I was… Read more »


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Which is to say, I’m currently working on the abrosexual flag. I might try to make it in dice for jewellery purposes… we’ll see. I colour match perfectly even less with the dice, to be expected, so it’s a matter of whether or not I can convince myself that I’m close enough for a person wanting to represent the flag… Read more »

Done and Done

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As y’all can see, I got the second batch of flags photographed and uploaded. I did something different in my processing that, I think, gave a more consistent result… who knows. I still have loads to learn about taking ‘good’ photographs, and the downside of using a little screen over using the viewfinder (hard AF with glasses) is that I… Read more »

*gruntled noises*

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I’m almost done with getting the finished batch of cross-stitches hooped up; it’s been a very satisfying do for this afternoon/evening. I’ve also put a sanding head on my dremel for the first time, because these mass produced wooden hoops sometimes come with a bit of burring. I’d rather not have someone get a splinter from one, yanno? Nor do… Read more »


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My big order of thread came in, and it took pretty much all day to sort it out (and by¬†‘day’, I mean the 4-5 hours I’d be working on a normal day). But it’s done! And then I scanned the knitting patterns that had been haunting the orange binder, freeing it up so that I could better distribute the threads… Read more »

Steady On

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Right so, got another set of six cross-stitches washed, pressed, and ready to frame/list. I guess that’s my side project for the next couple of days, as attention for such can be found (since there are more entertaining things I could be doing, ha ha). But it’s all progress in the right direction, and of course, I’ve already got the… Read more »

Eye Not Spry

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I’ve really started feeling vexed at my general eye health since getting these new glasses. I mean, it’s in part because the optometrist put it into my head that my eyes were tooo dry and now they’re always feeling ultra dry and dumb. I laid down for a bit with my eyes closed, and I put some drops in… might… Read more »