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Open Skies

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So yeah, MRI this morning. It went well! I was in and out in like, 15 minutes, and Z was permitted to stand in the chamber and like, hold my foot for support. In spite of my claustrophobic nature, it was almost relaxing — even with all the bangs and thunks and the like. Mum was well impressed that our… Read more »

Next Level

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So, winding the bobbins. Making a smidge of headway. Then my brain whispers, ‘You need an inventory spreadsheet’. Sigh. *laughs* I mean, it makes sense, because I’m almost assuredly going to sort by colours this time. I am super chuffed, because for the first time in ever, I actually got a book on its release date; Amazon has really been… Read more »

So Long!

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There was a time, not so long ago, when the boys couldn’t stretch that far if they wanted to. Both of ’em combined could exceed it, but still. I know, I keep going on about how big they’re getting, but it’s like any furkid — every little change is met with d’aw and the like. My arms are getting a… Read more »

Mama, Neglect!

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I had gone upstairs earlier to paint my nails, and I deeply offended both of the boys. Vivi legit yelled at me from the bed because I wasn’t paying attention to him. Then they both piled on the window ledge to glare at me for my terrible neglect. I know, world’s worst cat mom, I’m so cruel for not petting… Read more »

Such Frens

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I went upstairs earlier and they were both on the bed, so I scootched Vivi over to be next to Raven so I could pet them at the same time. They literally were holding each other’s hands a couple of different ways, which, daw. They’re such good friends. Not a lot today, just sort of lumping about. Can’t think of… Read more »

Pick a Peck of Purrers

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Kittens. Basket. Not a drill. I mean, it’s ‘wrong’ ’cause it’s a round shape, not a box, but still. So cuuuuuute. S’been a good day. Made some good strides in making sure I won’t be so ghastly behind when we’re back from our two weeks off. Managed a proper visit to Mum; she didn’t expect me, but she was more… Read more »

Of Course

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So uh, the one day I leave the house, of course we get super rains. I mean, it’s awesome to actually see some of the wet stuff, but I wore the wrong trousers and reminded myself why I wore platforms with my too-long jeans in high school. *chuckles* Yesterday’s picture ended up being oddly prophetic. It has been -ages- since… Read more »


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I have to say, referral to ENT aside, the NHS continues to delight me. I’ve got my MRI next week, which was a quick turnaround from referral. Even quicker happened today; I’ve got my appointment for retinal inspection tomorrow. The diabetic nurse was referring me for a check, since apparently there’s a higher risk of retinopathy with diabetes? But yeah,… Read more »

Dropping the Beats

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I spotted both of the boys on this particularly high perch, and it’s like… this looks like an album cover. So yanno, Raven & Vivi Presents: MEOW. I dig it. Today has been pleasingly productive. In spite of losing an hour this morning (power outage while work was being done in the area), I got quite a bit done. Hopefully… Read more »

First Harvest

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I’d spotted that there were a couple of berries on our bramble when I was taking something out to the bin earlier, so I figured that I’d see what I could find. It’s not that many, but it’s still a pleasing first harvest. And bonus, most of them are actually sweet and lovely. I’m hoping that in future year we… Read more »