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Hoop Dreams

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And now, our back garden space has a basketball hoop for the kids. Which means we’ve all had at least one go, because it’s fun.  Hopefully it’ll see some good use. Smaller declares themselves to be good at basketball, so hopefully this’ll encourage her to have fun improving her skills. Nothing really today. Just been making a random forest path… Read more »


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So yes, it’s been a good outing-visit so far. My head is a bit naff, but I’m hoping that’ll settle a bit more now that we’ve eaten. Yeah, getting there. It was nice though, as I can’t remember the last time I was in someone’s home that wasn’t either a neighbour or family member. The kids haven’t murdered each other… Read more »

Put Together

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There’s something about clean hair and painted nails that make a girlshape feel more put together than usual. Bonus, found a reason to pop over and see Mum after she cancelled on me, hee hee. We had a nice little chat; it was good for both of us. I’m hoping we’ll get back to our (admittedly mainly recent) normal Friday… Read more »

Cat Logic

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Z took this photo the other night; it’s yet another stunning example of the cat logic, ‘If it fits, I sits’. I just love his uberdoof head angle though… so cute. Nothing much today. We’ve been able to have the windows out instead of needing the a/c, which has been nice. There’s not been any of the hoped for rain… Read more »


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I realised that I hadn’t posted a picture of Poison recently, so here, rectifying that. She’s slimmed down quite a bit lately, and while she seems to be completely fine and normal, we do fret a tiny bit. It’s only natural, after losing Batman earlier this year. I have not been feeling my best today. I’m guessing that between starting… Read more »


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A couple of years back, birds managed to seed our garden planter with blackberries. And, finally, berries are berrying! I’m really excited about it, because I love picking fresh blackberries. And I’m not really equipped spoonwise to do it on a walk along the old rail tracks, or up in the sand hills. So I wn’t get as much as… Read more »


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Both of the kids have been spending most of today in their own rooms with the doors closed, which means the poor kittens had to find somewhere else to sleep. Which means I found Vivi sprawled across my bed at hilarious angles, and Raven is napping in my sock bin. I’m not convinced that it’s the comfiest bedding, especially at… Read more »


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With my kiwi almost over, I’ve turned to the what next. I think I have two swears (‘swears’) that I am happy to commit to fruit, and a few fruits that I’d yet like to do. Still, the end of this range is in sight one way or another… hope people like it enough to buy or tell their friends,… Read more »


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I managed to get up and moving early, get my hair washed… feeling kind of human, in spite of having overdone it a bit yesterday. But eh, the early rising makes me feel confident that I can drag myself to my appointment Monday morning even at the stupid early hour, so hopefully that’s productive. I’m sure to comment on that… Read more »