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So yeah, MRI this morning. It went well! I was in and out in like, 15 minutes, and Z was permitted to stand in the chamber and like, hold my foot for support. In spite of my claustrophobic nature, it was almost relaxing — even with all the bangs and thunks and the like. Mum was well impressed that our turnaround time had us back in the village a smidge over an hour after we left. So yeah, hopefully I won’t have to repeat the experience any time soon, but I guess it ticks something off of the not-on-the-bucket-list list, ha ha.

Past that, nothing really, besides winding all the bobbins. I’m through the first binder and onto the second… my poor arms are so wrecked. Or they’re going to end up jacked, idk. One of those things, both of those things.


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