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The cats, being cats, managed to put a big hole in the net curtain at the front of the lounge. Z and I were like… should we replace it, or accept that a new curtain would get the same treatment? So we decided yeah, we’ll have a holey curtain. Bonus — driving back past the house, we spotted Raven in… Read more »


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Today’s trip to the hospital was a productive one. For one, I got confirmation that my hearing has gotten worse since February (when I last had a hearing test). I also have a proper diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease. Meds’ll be ready for pick-up tomorrow, and I am looking forward to seeing things pushed back to manageable. Hopefully. 🙂 <3


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I’m currently working on the second selvage for this, but hey — alliums as inspired by Minecraft. I think it’s pretty cute, but then, I try very hard to not do that whole ‘oh no I am a terrible artist and I must suffer for my art!’ thing where I can. Like, anyone doing art is gonna have a moment of… Read more »

Cat Smile

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I love it when you look at a cat, and it looks like they’re grinning. I mean, I know that’s not a thing that they do, but it’s the whole anthropomorphising thing. And he’s a sweet boy when he deigns to pay attention to humans, so. Still not the cuddliest of cats, but maybe someday, someday. I finished weaving the… Read more »

To Adventure

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I’ve got beads poured, I’ve got a pattern laid, and the next bracelet of my imagining is a go. It’s not a flag this time, but rather, scratching a floral itch. Since I don’t have to worry about fixed shades to get things ‘right’, I’m busting out some of the prettier beads I bought that didn’t work out for that… Read more »


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I had bead mail today! Which means my desk is covered in little packets of beads while I pair things together to find the right flag combos. Having said that, I think that the next bracelet I do is going to be floral instead of a flag… we’ll see. That’s about it, really. Gonna get back to that, and try… Read more »