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I have properly clean hair today. It feels like it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve been able to make that happen. Dry shampoo is a god-send, and I need to get a new can of it, but actually clean and conditioned? Mwah! Plus also, it’s the weekend. I think there is likely to be some bead shopping, whether… Read more »

Size Two

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When I was doing the bracelet last night, I decided to do it an inch smaller, just to see how it came out/fit. It’s a much better fit for my wrists, which means that having the two sizes might just be the best idea. I’m working on a slightly truncated version of the Trans bracelet I did the other day…. Read more »


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This is another, non-cat picture from yesterday. I was looking out the back window and spotted the barest whisper of rainbow. Of course, I had to try to photograph it. It came up even fainter on my phone cam, but you know what? I really like it. It’s all ephemerae and whatnot. It’s a fairly pleasant day all told. Work… Read more »

The Twins

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I spotted our ‘little’ bookends on the back table, and just had to get a picture. October continues to grow and thrive in her own delicate way, while Halokitty is massive and only gonna get bigger probably. I mean, they’re only 7 months and change old. I’m fairly confident he’s already as big as, if not bigger, than the older… Read more »


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Vivi was doing his classic keeping me in bed moves this morning. When I tried to nudge him off, he rolled over and pointed his tum at me. Sigh. Such a furry little douche. *chuckles* Keeping at a chill simmer today. Was up late last night for the Eurovision — made it to the end! I mean, I’ve not fallen… Read more »


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So uh, all four of us are in the lounge for once. Eurovision, the great uniter. Smaller is only gonna catch the first hour or so, but the elder spawn can stay up as late as they wish. The semis were great, so I’m expecting a good live show. I’ve got gratuitous energy on my desk, Sims, yarn, and pre-dosed… Read more »


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Okay, my back would say it’s not the most soothing thing in the world, but the brain doth love it. I don’t know that I’ll finish the beading tonight, but maybe! And if I do, perhaps I’ll design and start another one, we’ll see. I’ve also got a little itch to do some cross-stitch; it’s been awhile, and there’s at… Read more »